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Press Release
15 Jun 2004
Wharf T&T Forms the Global Video Conference Alliance
"For Video Conferencing Service Anywhere, Anytime"

Wharf T&T today announced the launch of its Global Video Conference Alliance, marking a pioneering leap from traditional video conferencing (VC) service.

This alliance will provide customers with a hassle-free solution to plan and conduct both point-to-point and multipoint video calls anywhere, anytime. It has all been made possible by combining the various service capabilities of strategic partners, including globally renowned hotel groups and business centres such as the Asia Business Centre, Bridges Executive Centre, Harbour International, LevelOne Central, The Cosmopolitan Business and Convention Centre, and The Executive Centre. Hotel groups comprise of the Marco Polo Hotel Group and The Novotel Century Hong Kong. In the near future, Wharf T&T will line up more partners from different commercially strategic locations to join this Alliance with an aim to make our service more easily accessible by our customers.

Wharf T&T has secured business partners from different commercially strategic locations with points-of-presence in over 200 cities worldwide. This first-of-its-kind alliance means that Wharf T&T's video conferencing service is more than just a call connection service. Customers can always arrange VC calls with overseas counterparts whenever and wherever they want. Besides offering a choice of different conferencing venues, we also provide customers with all the necessary equipment, live connections and technical support. That is why setting up a video conference call with Wharf T&T is literally just a phone call away.

Up until recent years, most people used to consider video conferencing too exotic and not likely to catch on due to costs, impracticality and logistics. But our Alliance has made video conferencing service more affordable and accessible to all. Hence, more and more companies are able to jump on the bandwagon by using our affordable and convenient video conferencing service widely in their day-to-day operations. VC service will become more popular among corporations.

This alliance will now also allow Wharf T&T to connect video conference calls from Asia's premier business and telecommunications hub - Hong Kong, to the rest of the world with optimum convenience and ease. Connections from our platform to overseas are also well supported by various renowned global carriers, guaranteeing the highest level of service along with resiliency, stability and reliability. The result is that Wharf T&T Global Video Conference Alliance can offer customers a truly seamless data, voice and video communications service.

Wharf T&T's Global Video Conference Alliance offers two different types of conferencing services: Global Multi-Point Conferencing and IP Multi-Point Conferencing (for web and IP phone).

Global Multi-Point Conferencing is a hassle-free, integrated solution that handles all equipment rental matters and room reservations to host video conferences with powerful connections all over the world. We offer carrier-grade video conferencing services with top resiliency and stability, plus a reliable network backbone strongly supported by world-class carriers everywhere. We also provide dedicated on-site technical support and all calls are handled by professionally trained and experienced conferencing operators.

With IP Multi-Point Conferencing (for web and IP phone) access is made via our powerful video conferencing platform on a dedicated IP videophone or PC, allowing real-time video conferencing of up to eight different parties. The advantage of an IP connection is that it is a user-friendly "plug 'n' play" solution which users will only take a minute to familiarize with the application.

Mr. Stephen Ng, Chairman and CEO of Wharf T&T pointed out that, "Video conferencing has today become a highly effective mode of communications within the commercial sector, particularly when travelling, time and costs are major concerns and face-to-face conversations are essential. Wharf T&T is therefore, committed to offering the latest state-of-the-art video conferencing services while forming alliances with our business partners. It is all an integral part of our commitment to provide customers with the most reliable, scalable and convenient video conferencing services."

About Wharf T&T Limited

Wharf T&T, licensed in 1995, is one of the fastest growing fixed-line operators with significant investment in its own telecommunications network infrastructure in Hong Kong. Since its debut when the Hong Kong fixed telecommunications market was liberalized, Wharf T&T has continually sought to upgrade its services and deliver competitive products at competitive prices to Hong Kong businesses and consumers.

Wharf T&T is a member of The Wharf Group, one of the largest groups of companies in Hong Kong. The Wharf Group also owns i-CABLE Communications Limited, the No. 1 Television Station in Hong Kong for news, movies and sports, as well as being a leading Internet access service provider.

For further information about both Wharf T&T and The Wharf Group, please visit the Wharf T&T website at www.wharftt.com.

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