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10 Apr 2014
Wharf T&T Launches 2014 Corporate Advertising Campaign
Charismatic celebrity, Mandy Lieu, debuts in ICT TV commercial Challenges "CLOUD@NET+FOCUS ICT Expert” in dual outfits, elegant & rock style

Hong Kong - Apr 10, 2014 - Wharf T&T today announced the launch of 2014 corporate advertising campaign bringing the high-fashion and high-tech theme to light. This year’s campaign has taken an intriguing and unparalleled approach to visualise “Cloud” and “Net”. At the same time it gives prominence to the paradox that Wharf T&T is much more than a “telco” despite the intense telco element “T&T” in the company name.

The campaign comprises a series of three TV commercials cast by a charismatic and elegant celebrity, Ms. Mandy Lieu. With an elegant, charming and ingenious image in the ad, Mandy challenges Wharf T&T in succinct queries in an ironic and witty manner.

The first two episodes set forth the intangible “Cloud” and “Net” into a tangible high-fashion visually performed by a young and energetic man. Cloud represents Cloud Computing. Wharf T&T’s diversified cloud solutions can address the needs of companies of all sizes and all sectors. “Net” is more than “Internet” which encompasses ultra-high speed business broadband, Wi-Fi network and corporate network solutions underscoring Wharf T&T’s strong arm in hammering out communication strategies for enterprises. Mandy continues her challenge in the third episode with a gimmicky opening shot, “ICT, Is that all?” Wharf T&T’s supremacy is far beyond “Cloud” and “Net”. Our professional, precise and passionate attitude in serving all businesses makes us a unique and sophisticated ICT expert in town. Challenging end shot with Mandy breaking the “No Mouth is Too Big” slogan further highlights our determination in keeping “NO BIG MOUTH” as our core brand quality.

Shooting for Mandy’s part took 10 hours in which there were moments being very unforgettable, ‘It is my first time to perform in a rock and roll style and I really feel excited about this new trial. The close-up shot of the lip is very sexy. However, what impressed me most was to blow bubble gum in front of the camera. It was an amazing experience yet not as easy as it might seem, as the director required for a huge and pretty bubble. The experience is very fresh and fun,’ said Mandy.

TV commercials will debut today on major television stations, outdoor TVs, mobile apps, online platforms and popular social media. Print ad will kick start tomorrow in major newspapers. Audience interested in knowing more about this campaign and the making-of can visit www.wharftt.com. In addition, we will have “Cloud Ambassador” visiting major business districts in Kowloon and Hong Kong Island today, tomorrow and next Monday (10 April, 11 April and 14 April) to further convey our campaign messages.

Mr. Vincent Ma, President of Wharf T&T, said, ‘We are delighted to have Mandy performing in our 2014 TV commercials. She is contemporary, elegant, witty and ingenious that perfectly fit our TV commercials getting along with a high-fashion and high-tech concept. The first two episodes have taken a stunning and extraordinary approach to interpret “Cloud” and “Net”. We believe the audience will find it fun and interesting. The third episode takes up “No Mouth is Too Big” as its punchline to accentuate Wharf T&T, not only being professional, meticulous and focused, but also doing our best in all aspects to uphold the stringent spirit of an ICT expert.’

'Moreover, Wharf T&T’s revenue and operating profit reached “All Time High” in 2013. Yet we will not be complacent and we continue to work harder to fulfill the pledge as an ICT expert. We are committed to providing business customers with more superior and innovative ICT services to enable their businesses with competitive advantages,’ added Mr. Ma.

2013 Results Highlights*:
.A modest 2% growth in the overall revenue to HK$1,857 million
.Operating profit was up by 20% to set a record of HK$300 million
.EBITDA rose by 9% to HK$704 million
.A respectable 38% of EBITDA margin was delivered which outperformed competition**

* Wharf T&T financial results ended December 2013
** HGC Annual Report 2013 – EBITDA Margin at 31.8%
HKT Annual Report 2013 - EBITDA Margin at 34.6%
HKBN Bondholder Update year ended 31 August 2013 Results Release – EBITDA Margin at 37%

About WTT HK Limited (“WTT”)
WTT (formerly known as Wharf T&T) is a leading ICT service provider in Hong Kong with an aspiration of "Winning Together" with business customers. Utilising its extensive and secure Fibre-To-The-Desk (FTTD) network infrastructure, WTT provides business customers with leading-edge ICT solutions meeting their diverse business needs. WTT’s rich ICT service portfolio ranges from fibre-based high-speed business broadband, sophisticated local and international data networking, advanced IP-based voice telephony, best-in-class public cloud services, and complex mission-critical system integration solutions that aim at enabling businesses of its customers. WTT is not only committed to engaging in solid and long-term ICT partnerships with our customers but also endeavouring best-practice standards and performances, as well as contributing to corporate social responsibility in Hong Kong while doing businesses. For more information, please visit www.wtthk.com.hk.