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23 Jul 2007
Wharf T&T Wins Four CRE Awards from APCSC
Wharf T&T was pleased to announce that it has been named the Call Centre of the Year 2006 (Commercial Market) and Outsourcing Team of the Year, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) by the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium (APCSC). The APCSC also conferred the merit certificate of Customer Service Team Leader of the Year 2006 (Contact Centre) to Ms. Fion Huang, and the merit certificate of Customer Service Professional of the year 2006 (Contact Centre) to Ms. Joyce Liu for their exceptional performance and outstanding leadership in customer service management.

The annual Customer Relationship Excellence (CRE) Awards recognise companies, teams and individuals who have demonstrated customer service excellence in different sectors and promote a higher standard of service quality in international cities across Asia Pacific region. The CRE Awards has adopted the advance service model as set out in the Customer Service Quality Standard (CSQS) as the judging criteria. All applicants were assessed against the key success factors and world-class standards objectively to check for achievement and compliance in the respective area.

"We are very honoured to receive four awards in our first participation in the CRE Awards. The awards came just in time to recognise the wonderful achievement of our staff to uphold a high quality standard and their pertinacious pursuit of excellence. The awards also underpin Wharf T&T's commitment to operation excellence and investing in human capital which enable us to attain superior service culture and high customer satisfaction," said Mr. Vincent Ma, President of Wharf T&T Limited. "Our mission is to enable customers' businesses and we attain it in multi-dimensions. The Outsourcing BPO team awards validate our competence in understanding our customers' operation processes and delivering genuine value-added services. Our BPO customers have unloaded their operation burden and they can focus their energies on growing their businesses."

Wharf T&T customers call centres serve more than 50,000 customers daily on 7 x 24 basis. Apart from handling daily customer calls, Wharf T&T has successfully enhanced its call centre to handle key business process outsourcing operation through the adoption of clear vision & defined strategy on BPO, pro-customer attitude and flexible approach with domain expertise as well as establishment of corporate learning culture.

"Our superior call centre services make Wharf T&T stand out from the competition. We listen, we act and we serve customers with passions. We believe that we have earned the trust and loyalty of our customers and this is of invincible value to the company and to the customer community," said Mr. Duncan Wong, Vice President, Customer and Systems Operations of Wharf T&T. "We are very glad to celebrate the awards together with our recent attainment of ISO 9001 and ISO10002, as all these have turned Wharf T&T into a total quality force that puts our customers at the heart of our daily business operation. "

Wharf T&T has made substantial efforts in establishing a systematic structure on customer relationship management to strengthen its strategic prepositions in delivering quality customer services, including tightened internal communications on company direction and initiatives, formalised staff training and development system as well as implementation of ISO standards for process management enhancement.

Speaking after the ceremony, Mr. Jason Chu, Chairman of APCSC commented, "We are glad to see more industries participating in the CRE Awards. This is clear evidence that customer relationship excellence and robust customer service quality standard are the same business value shared among world-class companies and industry leaders. We are impressed by the determination Wharf T&T has made to build up a powerful service team for world-class quality customer services. We are glad that Wharf T&T has benefited greatly from the best practice laid down in the Customer Service Quality Standard (CSQS) and also from the world-class framework. "
About Wharf T&T Limited

Established in 1995, Wharf T&T has been the second largest fixed line operator investing over HK$5 billion in its own telecommunications network infrastructure. Having achieved an approximately 18% market share in the business sector, Wharf T&T specializes in enabling its customers' businesses through quality ICT products and services.

Wharf T&T possesses the best-of-breed metro IP network enabling a full range of voice, data networking, internet access and video services to address the dynamic demand of business customers. Riding on the sophisticated broadband infrastructure, Wharf T&T eBusiness Limited (WeB), a wholly owned subsidiary of Wharf T&T established in January 2007, positions itself as a product powerhouse to deliver broadband enabling applications and web-based services for SME customers to enhance their competitiveness through eMarketing adoption.

COL, another wholly owned subsidiary of Wharf T&T with over 30 years experience in the IT sector, possesses unmatched credentials in its data centre and business continuity services. Such value propositions to the corporate and enterprise sectors are further enriched through its well renowned professional service engine and its systems integration capabilities empowered by the gold accreditation from Cisco.

Wharf T&T is a core member of The Wharf Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Hong Kong. The Wharf Group also owns i-CABLE Communications Limited, the leading cable television station and Internet access service provider in Hong Kong.

For further information about both Wharf T&T and The Wharf Group, please visit Wharf T&T's website at www.wharftt.com.

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