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Press Release
7 Aug 2007
Wharf T&T eBusiness launches WeB-eM service
An unprecedented DIY e-mail marketing tool for SMEs

Wharf T&T eBusiness Limited (WeB), a wholly owned subsidiary of Wharf T&T Limited, today unveiled its flagship email marketing service - WeB-eM. WeB-eM is an effective e-mail marketing tool designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to create, deploy, analyze and report results of e-mail marketing campaign.

"SMEs are in need of a low-cost, high ROI tool to improve its competitive power and market exposure. Traditional market promotion channels such as print advertising or direct mail are too expensive for them. According to a recent SME market research conducted by WeB in June 2007, 115 SMEs were successfully interviewed, 83% of respondents claimed that they would use e-marketing in the next 6 months, and e-mail marketing would be the most preferred form of e-marketing being considered by the respondents. One of the reasons why e-mail marketing emerged as a new channel is its low entry cost and high level of return," said William Kwan, Director and General Manager of Wharf T&T eBusiness Limited. "However, the Unsolicited Electronic Messages (UEM) Ordinance enacted in May 2007 regulating electronic marketing promotion activities has raised the alarm among SMEs in Hong Kong who will need a tool for legal compliance. The Ordinance defines a framework for e-mail marketing adoption, allowing SMEs to explore the unlimited business opportunities under a structured and legitimate e-marketing environment. WeB-eM is not only an ideal tool for UEM compliance, but also empowers SMEs to adopt best practices."

"Up to now, there are enterprise solutions available in the market to help address the above concerns, but the initial investment in equipment set up, web application development and training has gone beyond the affordability threshold for SMEs. WeB sees the pressing need of SMEs for a cost-effective, user-friendly and work-efficient web-enabling tool that can also address their concern over the lack of IT skills and resources. We thus introduce a value-for-money and easy to use WeB-eM service. WeB-eM is priced at an affordable entry monthly cost of only $100 plus." Mr. Kwan added.

The flagship WeB-eM is an effective DIY e-marketing tool that offers customers a revolutionary approach to managing web-based market promotion campaign. WeB pioneers the unprecedented tracking and triggering functions that allow automated, timely and proactive follow up emails when recipients click on a specified content. WeB-eM also takes care of the basic e-mail marketing functions by providing easy step-by-step guide to develop permission based in-house lists and construct appropriate and attractive templates. The key features of WeB-eM include:

List Manager - List manager is a centralised repository that manages all clients' email and contact lists in a centralised location instead of having scattered multiple lists. Master List can be created in 4 different ways - capturing data from name cards, migrating from MS Outlook address book, uploading from common file format such as excel or CSV and quick input manually. Target List can also be created through an easy-to-use built-in data base filtering tool.

Campaign Builder - It creates and sends professional email newsletters, promotional flyers and more in just minutes - with no special technical IT skills required. A wide range of attractive templates is available for users according to their specific needs. Simply follow the step-by-step procedure and select the desired templates available in both English and Chinese.

Intelligent Spam Analyzer - WeB-eM understands the criteria used by ISPs in blocking or filtering spam e-mails. It analyzes your e-mail content to assess whether the e-Mail content created would be classified as a potential spam.

UEM Compliance Manager- WeB-eM provides an "unsubscribe facility", i.e. "opt-out' link to ensure that every recipient has the right to choose not to receive any messages in the future. The system will then proactively track, update and report all "unsubscribe requests" to ensure they are being attended to in accordance with the lately enacted UEM Ordinance.

Trigger-Based Engine to help find the best selling moment - It is a highly effective feature that allows users to contact your prospects or customers automatically at the best selling moment. By setting pre-defined action conditions such as "birthday" or "clicks on a particular product information link", a follow-up email will be sent to your customers automatically at the predetermined schedule. It helps SMEs grasp every chance to open up a one-to-one customer dialogue as if they have a "7 x 24" sales force support. Unlike fax, e-mail is a two-way communication, WeB-eM enables you to track your readers' reading behaviour, which will trigger additional selling opportunities.

To conclude, this powerful service provides every necessary step and advice on effective email marketing that helps SMEs address concerns over UEM Ordinance compliance while building permission based customer list, email design and content creation as well as generating and analysing post campaign reports.

WeB-eM email marketing tool is now available. For more information on WeB-eM, please visit http://www.web-123.com or contact the sales hotline at 2112 8288.

About WeB

Established in January 2007, Wharf T&T eBusiness Limited (WeB), a subsidiary of Wharf T&T Limited, specialises in the provision of broadband enabling applications and web-based application services. These services, developed by our IT specialists and experienced marketing practitioners, are primarily catered for the SME segment.

WeB believes that the adoption of e-marketing skills and technology is vital for SMEs to compete in this global economy. Our vision is to provide SMEs with low-cost and powerful e-marketing services and educate them utilizing this highly effective tool and enabling technology.

In May 2007, WeB launched a first of its kind game based e-marketing learning platform. Going forward, WeB-123.com will continue to provide new services and know-how that help foster the adoption of e-marketing by SMEs.

For more information, please visit http://www.web-123.com

About Wharf T&T

Established in 1995, Wharf T&T has been the second largest fixed line operator investing over HK$5 billion in its own telecommunications network infrastructure. Having achieved an approximately 18% market share in the business sector, Wharf T&T specialises in enabling its customers' businesses through quality ICT products and services.

Wharf T&T possesses the best-of-breed metro IP network enabling a full range of voice, data networking, Internet access and video services to address the dynamic demand of business customers. Riding on the sophisticated broadband infrastructure, Wharf T&T eBusiness Limited (WeB), a wholly owned subsidiary established in January 2007, positions itself as a product powerhouse to deliver broadband enabling applications and web-based services for SME customers enhancing their competitiveness through e-marketing adoption.

COL, another wholly owned subsidiary of Wharf T&T with over 30 years experience in the IT sector, possesses unmatched credentials in its data centre and business continuity services. Such value propositions to the corporate and enterprise sectors are further enriched through its well renowned professional service engine and its systems integration capabilities empowered by the gold accreditation from Cisco.

Wharf T&T is a core member of The Wharf Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Hong Kong. The Wharf Group also owns i-CABLE Communications Limited, the leading cable television station and Internet access service provider in Hong Kong.

For further information about both Wharf T&T and The Wharf Group, please visit Wharf T&T website at www.wharftt.com.

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