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Press Release
17 Sep 2007
Launch of free Public Unsubscribe Facility by WeB www.unsubscribe.com.hk
Facilitating SMEs to Comply with the UEM Ordinance

Wharf T&T eBusiness Limited (WeB), an IT services subsidiary of Wharf T&T Limited, today announced the grand launch of Public Unsubscribe Facility, a free service portal designed to help SMEs manage the 'unsubscribe' requirement under the Unsolicited Electronic Messages (UEM) Ordinance.

The UEM Ordinance has come into effect on 1 June 2007 and will be fully implemented towards the end of 2007. The enactment of UEM Ordinance aims to provide a statutory framework to regulate the sending of commercial electronic messages and strike a balance between respecting the rights of recipients and allowing the development of legitimate electronic marketing. WeB strongly believes that the UEM Ordinance, supported by the right marketing tool, actually facilitates marketers to approach their target customers and achieve the best marketing result.

"With the introduction of the UEM Ordinance, marketers have to adapt to the new regulation and make changes in their marketing practices. The absence of a free e-marketing tool for compliance with the UEM Ordinance in the market has inspired us to launch the "Public Unsubscribe Facility" - a free service portal designed to help SMEs automate the compliance requirement and meet the implementation timetable," said William Kwan, Director and General Manager of WeB.

The Public Unsubscribe Facility is a user-friendly and free service portal available in both Chinese and English for SMEs to manage email 'unsubscribe' request in compliance with the unsubscribe facility requirement of the UEM Ordinance. Users just simply register at http://www.unsubscribe.com.hk/ and follow a very simple step-by-step instruction to manage the following unsubscribe functions:

1. Create "unsubscribe link" for inclusion in outgoing e-mails;

2. Store and manage unsubscribe lists and keep records of unsubscribe requests; and

3. Remove unsubscribe list from future outgoing email lists

By using WeB's "unsubscribe link", marketers can continue to enjoy the unique opportunities brought by Internet and e-marketing.

"Our initiative receives great support from various reputable local institutions including Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (HKIM), Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and Internet Society Hong Kong (ISHK). Besides, Mr. Ha Yung-kuen, Deputy Director-General of Telecommunications from the Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA) has also participated in the ceremony to welcome the launch of "Public Unsubscribe Facility," Kwan added.

"The rapid development of Internet technology, broadband and web-application has stimulated the adoption of e-marketing. The introduction of the UEM Ordinance creates new challenges to SMEs as most of them lack the skills and resources to deal with the new circumstance. The launch of the Public Unsubscribe Facility makes available a free tool that help SMEs to conduct legitimate e-marketing activities. As a leading marketing institution, we support such an initiative that facilitates e-marketing adoption," said KM Yim, Chairperson of Hong Kong Institute of Marketing.

"WeB has played a key role in promoting the use of e-marketing in Hong Kong since its establishment in early 2007. The debut of the Public Unsubscribe Facility, the launch of our game-based e-marketing training platform as well as previous effort in e-marketing education demonstrate our commitment to fostering e-marketing adoption among SMEs. We will continue to develop more quality tools for SMEs and support the development of e-marketing in Hong Kong." Kwan concluded.

About the Unsolicited Electronic Messages (UEM) Ordinance

The UEM Ordinance passed in May 2007 aims to introduce a statutory framework for regulating the sending of commercial electronic messages and strike a balance between respecting the rights of recipients and allowing the development of legitimate electronic marketing in Hong Kong. The Ordinance comes into force in two phases. Phase I started on 1 June 2007 with the use of unscrupulous techniques to reach out to more recipients as well as fraud and other illicit activities related to the sending of multiple commercial electronic messages being prohibited. Phase II of the Ordinance regarding the rules for sending commercial electronic messages will come into effect towards the end of the year. OFTA is currently conducting a public consultation on the Code of Practice under the UEM Ordinance.

About WeB

Wharf T&T eBusiness Limited (WeB), an IT services subsidiary of Wharf T&T Limited, specialises in the provision of broadband enabling applications and web-based application services. These services, developed by our IT specialists and experienced marketing practitioners, are primarily catered for the SME segment.

WeB believes that the adoption of e-marketing skills and technology is vital for SMEs to compete in this global economy. Our vision is to provide SMEs with low-cost and powerful e-marketing services and educate them utilizing this highly effective tool and enabling technology.

WeB launched the first of its kind game based e-marketing learning platform in May and unveiled its flagship email marketing service - WeB-eM in August 2007. Going forward, WeB-123.com will continue to provide new services and know-how that help foster the adoption of e-marketing by SMEs.

For more information, please visit http://www.web-123.com

About Wharf T&T

Established in 1995, Wharf T&T has been the second largest fixed line operator investing over HK$5 billion in its own telecommunications network infrastructure. Having achieved an approximately 18% market share in the business sector, Wharf T&T specialises in enabling its customers' businesses through quality ICT products and services.

Wharf T&T possesses the best-of-breed metro IP network enabling a full range of voice, data networking, Internet access and video services to address the dynamic demand of business customers. Riding on the sophisticated broadband infrastructure, Wharf T&T eBusiness Limited (WeB), a wholly owned subsidiary established in January 2007, positions itself as a product powerhouse to deliver broadband enabling applications and web-based services for SME customers enhancing their competitiveness through e-marketing adoption.

COL, another wholly owned subsidiary of Wharf T&T with over 30 years experience in the IT sector, possesses unmatched credentials in its data centre and business continuity services. Such value propositions to the corporate and enterprise sectors are further enriched through its well renowned professional service engine and its systems integration capabilities empowered by the gold accreditation from Cisco.

Wharf T&T is a core member of The Wharf Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Hong Kong. The Wharf Group also owns i-CABLE Communications Limited, the leading cable television station and Internet access service provider in Hong Kong.

For further information about both Wharf T&T and The Wharf Group, please visit Wharf T&T website at www.wharftt.com.

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