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Press Release
16 Jun 2008
New Suite of Messaging Appliances Increases Capacity and Security
New RazorGate 6000 and Message Server S6000 Deliver Ultimate Reliability and the Industry’s Lowest TCO

Hong Kong, 16 June 2008 – Mirapoint Asia Limited today announced the launch of the next generation Message Server™ email appliance and RazorGate ® email security appliance. Mirapoint has a proven leadership in secure messaging appliances and is now raising the bar with their 8th generation platform. Delivering ultimate reliability with the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), Mirapoint increases capacity and security with the company’s new family of appliances.

“Email is the most critical communications tool for enterprises today. It is critical for messaging solutions to scale to the ever increasing storage and security requirements,” said William Kwan, Director of Mirapoint Asia Limited. “Our appliance based approach has proven to be the most reliable and scalable messaging solution in the market and delivers the lowest cost of ownership.”

Mirapoint Message Server S6000 – Enhanced N+1 Architecture for Non-Stop Email Availability
The Mirapoint Message Server offers feature rich email, group calendaring, address book and integrated policy management in an easy to use appliance form factor. Offering an improved SAN architecture, Mirapoint’s Message Server S6000 allows for N+1 redundancy across the entire fabric to support mission critical messaging. When combined with Mirapoint’s unique Geographic Mirroring architecture, the ability to replicate the email system in different regions, the Message Server performs consistently with virtually zero down time. The new S6000 uses dual Intel Quad-Core Xeon processors and Mirapoint’s hacker-proof MOS operating system, and is the world’s most scalable email server.

The S6000 is the flagship of the Mirapoint Message Server product line which also includes the M6000 and M600 servers which are perfectly suited for small and mid-sized enterprise (SME) email deployments.

Mirapoint RazorGate 6000 – Delivering Unparalleled Multi-Layered Security
Mirapoint’s RazorGate email security appliance delivers industry leading protection from spam, virus and hacker attacks. The new Mirapoint RazorGate 6000 offers enterprises increased security with multiple scanning engines for virus and spam defense to address the constantly evolving security threats. In addition, the RazorGate 6000 supports Sender Policy Framework (SPF), Junk Mail Manager, and solid RBL for additional layers of protection.

Mirapoint’s RazorGate MailHurdle connection management technology blocks up to 80 percent of threats at the network edge before network bandwidth, storage, processor and administration resources are wasted. In combination with Mirapoint’s multi-layered email security technologies such as RAPID Anti-Spam and zero hour RAPID Anti-Virus, customers can achieve overall catch-rates upwards of 98 percent with virtually zero false-positives.

Reputation Hurdle Stops Illicit Threats at the Gate
Mirapoint’s Reputation Hurdle provides the best of breed IP reputation service to guard against unwanted senders. Serving as the first layer of protection against spam, phishing and malware including: worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, spyware, adware and zombies/botnets, Mirapoint’s Reputation Hurdle removes up to 80 percent of unwanted threats by blocking malicious email before it reaches the mail system. Protecting businesses from the onslaught of spam and virus attacks, Reputation Hurdle leverages the collective intelligence of 700,000 detection points to provide the most accurate reputation service in the industry. Though a technology called Recurrent Pattern Detection, Reputation Hurdle identifies and separates good and bad senders and determines trust and threat levels. Sender reputations are constantly analyzed and updated in real time such that attacks from zombie armies are identified in just minutes from the outbreak. If there is suspicion that the message has malicious content, it is throttled down, quarantined or rejected offering the ultimate in flexibility. Once a message clears at the gate, it gets passed into the next line of defense where it will go through RazorGate’s antivirus and antispam scanning engines.

Additional Benefits of the Mirapoint Reputation Hurdle:
- IP address throttling
- Detection of zombie attacks within minutes
- Reduction of mail volume saving valuable bandwidth and backend filtering resources
- Monitoring of billions of messages per day to compute sender reputation scores
- Real-time adjustments to changing reputations
- Increases security
- Saves disk space and server capacity

The RazorGate 6000 is the flagship of the award-winning RazorGate product line which also includes the RG600 and RG160 products which are perfectly suited for SME deployments.

Michael Osterman, President and Founder of Osterman Research, stated, “Enterprises are constantly searching for new ways to scale their messaging solutions. With increased storage and security, Mirapoint’s new messaging appliances offer extremely high levels of uptime and protection, while still offering very low TCO.”

Mirapoint Message Server and Mirapoint RazorGate appliances are available now with greater performance and higher reliability. Mirapoint Message Server pricing starts at HK$82,000 while Mirapoint RazorGate appliances starts at HK$64,750.

About Mirapoint Software & Mirapoint Asia Limited

Founded in 1997, Mirapoint is the market leader in appliance-based solutions for secure message networks in enterprise, service provider, and education organizations, with more than 120 million mailboxes served and secured worldwide. Customers use Mirapoint appliances to build the messaging infrastructure that intelligently serves, secures and manages email. Mirapoint Asia Limited established in 2008, is fully owned by Wharf T&T eBusiness Limited (WeB), an IT services subsidiary of Wharf T&T Limited. It serves corporations and enterprises in the Asia Pacific region including the China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand markets.

For more information on Mirapoint Software, visit its website at www.mirapoint.com.

For more information about Wharf T&T eBuiness Limited, please visit its website at www.WeB-123.com.

For further information about both Wharf T&T and The Wharf Group, please visit Wharf T&T website at www.wharftt.com.

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