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19 Jan 2010
Wharf T&T Announces 2010 “+EN” Investment Project
HK$1 Billion to extend ultra speed business broadband network with subscription-based ICT services

Hong Kong, 19 January 2010 – Wharf T&T, the only ‘Strictly Business’ ICT service provider in Hong Kong, today announces the launch of “+EN”, an additional investment of HK$1 billion to leapfrog its fixed network infrastructure and to pioneer the development of IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) for business customers.

The latest statistics (December 2009) from the Census & Statistics Department shows the IT penetration in the business sector in Hong Kong remains low with only around 60% of business establishments having personal computers or Internet connection and only 20% of them have their own web pages or websites. Recent report from the Office of Telecommunications Authority (OFTA) in December 2009 further highlights the fact that the five new Fixed Network Operators (FNOs) together have only achieved a slightly below 60% coverage of all commercial buildings in Hong Kong. Therefore customers in more than 40% of the commercial buildings in Hong Kong still rely on the legacy copper-based fixed network infrastructure for their telecom services. Unimpeded access to quality and high-speed broadband Internet connection is vital to business growth in this ICT Age. A complete Fibre-to-the-Office fixed network infrastructure with extensive coverage coupled with superior but affordable ICT services are vital to all Hong Kong businesses in the global competitive landscape.

The project name “+EN” stands for “+ Enterprise Network”. It represents an additional “HK$1 billion” investment in a territory-wide network infrastructure expansion to have fibre directly built into the offices with potential to be upgraded to ‘10G’ per connection. In addition, “+EN” will embrace at least “10” core ITaaS on a monthly charge basis covering a wide variety of important areas in a business environment. On completion of this project, business customers, SMEs in particular, will be able to enjoy one-stop ITaaS at a relatively low total cost of ownership without worrying about maintenance, service upgrade or IT expertise.

“Making sophisticated ICT services accessible and affordable for SMEs is critical to the long-term competitiveness of the business sector. The HK$1 billion additional investment will bring a new era to business broadband Internet services with full Fibre-to-the-Office generally deployed for over 95% of the business customers in Hong Kong. Besides heading towards a higher network standard in the business sector, it will substantially boost ICT usage among SMEs,” said Mr. Vincent Ma, the President of Wharf T&T. “With Wharf T&T’s “+EN” in place, state-of-the-art ICT service adoption for SMEs will no longer be a luxury. We will have very competitive SMEs riding on their proficient use of technology to win in this global marketplace. As a result I am sure the overall Hong Kong economy will benefit hugely from a more robust SME sector.”

About Wharf T&T
Backed by the state-of-the-art fully fibre-optic network, Wharf T&T is the second largest business fixed line operator as well as the first and only comprehensive ICT service provider in Hong Kong focusing on the business sector. Established in 1995, Wharf T&T invests over HK$5 billion in its own telecommunications network infrastructure. Wharf T&T strictly focuses on enabling customers’ businesses with one-stop-shop ICT services ranging from basic to the most sophisticated customised solutions.

Wharf T&T possesses the best-of-breed optical fibre network and system integration capabilities, enabling a full range of professional ICT solutions encompassing voice, data, conferencing, email messaging, web-building and hosting, IT security, network solution and integration, application implementation, data centre, business continuity and disaster recovery services.

Wharf T&T’s value propositions are its commitment to create and deliver value to business customers in enhancing their businesses. Such value propositions are further enriched and strengthened through our strategic collaboration with various partners including Bluecoat, Cisco (Gold Partner), Dell, EMC, F-Secure, H3C, HP, IBM, Juniper, Microsoft, Mirapoint, NEC, OCE, Oracle (Certified Partner), Ruckus and Sun Microsystems.

Wharf T&T is a core member of The Wharf Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Hong Kong. The Wharf Group also owns i-CABLE Communications Limited, the leading cable television station and Internet access service provider in Hong Kong.

For further information about Wharf T&T, please visit www.wharftt.com.

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