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4 May 2011
Wharf T&T Launches "It's a Beautiful Day" Advertising Campaign
Everyday is a beautiful day with Fibre-to-the-Desk network in place for all enterprises, Theme song by Sherman Chung

Hong Kong - 4 May 2011 – Wharf T&T today announced the launch of 2011 corporate advertising campaign featuring a booming and beautiful work day enabled by a top-notch business broadband network. The campaign reflects the company's long-term commitment to building an advance, robust and ultra-high speed network infrastructure that enables Hong Kong businesses to thrive on changes through its Fibre-to-the-Desk (FTTD) business broadband.

The campaign will debut today on television with Ms. Sherman Chung, a talented artiste, as the endorser of the campaign featuring her newly released song "It's a Beautiful Day". In the ad, Sherman in très chic and stunning outfits, welcomes a bright and cheerful work day while she is experiencing Wharf T&T's ultra-high speed fibre optic network.

Launched today, the TV commercials will be featured in major TV channels including TVB and Cable TV as well as other channels including outdoor TV wall, lift lobby TV in over 500 commercial buildings, MTR trackside TV, etc. In addition, customers will also find the commercials on the move in mobile advertising platform. Print campaign will kick start tomorrow in all major newspapers and magazines, a special web page at www.wharftt.com will also be set up. Audience interested in knowing more about this campaign and the making-of must visit this website.

This campaign captures the essence of our +EN network enabling a near universal coverage of FTTD business broadband that facilitates increased cloud service adoption for SMEs. With FTTD in place, reliable and seamless communications can be found nowhere else but here in Wharf T&T. All enterprises, SMEs in particular, can "enjoy the day in every way" as everyday is "a beautiful day" for them.

"We are delighted to have Sherman performing the theme song "It's a Beautiful Day" for our 2011 advertising campaign. We selected Sherman as her vigorous, enthusiastic, creative and versatile image matches with our brand character. The melody and lyrics of the song also perfectly match with the benefits we bring to our business customers with our +EN network and ultra-high speed broadband services. We look forward to seeing Hong Kong SMEs thrive against the competition and benefit from the state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure and affordable IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS)," said Vincent Ma, President of Wharf T&T.

Wharf T&T stays focused on the +EN project development since its launch last year with respectable progress:

- Respectable progress in our first key milestone with over 2,000 buildings connected to the +EN fibre network representing a twofold improvement of our building rollout capacity. Our network rollout is in an accelerating pace within plan and within timeframe and will reach over 95% business customers by 2012.

- Data and broadband are the driving force for revenue growth for the Company with over 20% annual growth rate on the number of customers and data line since +EN rollout.

- +EN facilitates higher broadband usage and wider adoption of cloud applications for SMEs with a foreseeable increase on the annual compound growth rate by 20% on the number of customer, number of line and revenue per customer on broadband and ITaaS applications.

- 10 subscription-based ITaaS have been launched since 2010 which are well-received by SMEs. Wharf T&T will continue to introduce quality and best-of-breed subscription-based ITaaS to address business needs. We pioneer the first commercial offer of IPV6 for Fiber Business Broadband 200M service in Hong Kong to facilitate Hong Kong enterprises to catch on the next-generation technology transformation.

"We have made a respectable progress on the infrastructure rollout and product development with a strong growing pipeline. With a passionate service engine to provide business customers with a robust network infrastructure and affordable ITaaS, we are confident that the ICT adoption for SMEs in Hong Kong will be leapfrogged which will improve the competitiveness of our SME sector in the global arena ," added Mr. Ma.

About Wharf T&T
Backed by the state-of-the-art fully fibre-optic network, Wharf T&T is a leading ICT service provider in Hong Kong. Wharf T&T strictly focuses on enabling customers' businesses with one-stop-shop ICT services ranging from basic to the most sophisticated customised solutions. In 2010, Wharf T&T committed to an additional HK$1 billion "+Enterprise Network" ("+EN") investment project to enhance its fixed network infrastructure and provide "Fibre-to-the-Desk" (FTTD) ultra-high speed broadband services to HK business customers, pioneering the development of subscription-based IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) applications. Wharf T&T is committed to leapfrogging the ICT adoption in Hong Kong with a superior network infrastructure facilitating affordable subscription-based ITaaS for businesses. Our service carries our passion to deliver high customer satisfaction. For more information, please visit www.wharftt.com.

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