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13 Jun 2012
Wharf T&T Launches 2012 Advertising Campaign “FIBRE CLOUD – U LOVE IT!” Multi-solutions Unlimited Imagination
Along with “U LOVE IT! – FIBRE CLOUD Heart to Heart Campaign”

Hong Kong - Jun 13, 2012 - Wharf T&T Limited today unveils its corporate advertising campaign 2012 with the theme of “FIBRE CLOUD – U LOVE IT!” featuring a series of “must-use” cloud solutions that evoke unlimited imagination in this cloud era. Catchy slogans in the campaign “U Love IT” and “U need IT” denote two witty meanings for “IT”. It can simply mean “it” or the short form of “Information Technology”, implying that “U LOVE Information Technology and U NEED Information Technology”.

A brand new approach TV ads with an upbeat music plus vigorous dance performance by an energetic girl band, Girls Kingdom, projects an invigorating work atmosphere brought by Fibre Cloud Solutions running on our Fibre-to-the-Desk Network. Girls Kingdom is a five-member band from Japan and Korea including Anna, EJ, Heeju, Linah and Mai.

The commercial starts off with a frustrated office lady (Linah) looking for solutions to improve work efficiency. Having inspired by a group of cheerful and energetic girls dancing in a joyful and confident mood, she is enlightened with the introduction of the cloud computing ideas with four key Fibre Cloud ICT solutions including Cloud Voice, System Integration, Data Centre and Data Connectivity highlighted.

“The new campaign is a continuation of last year’s edition with ‘Fibre-to-the-Desk’ and ‘Cloud Solutions’ continued to be the main focus. Fibre network offers ultra-high speed connections and network stability which are pre-requisites for deploying cloud-based IT applications. Wharf T&T offers a wide variety of Fibre Cloud solutions to businesses riding on the best-of-breed ‘Fibre-to-the-Desk’ network infrastructure,” Vincent Ma, President, Wharf T&T said. “We are delighted to have Girls Kingdom as our talents in this TV commercials. Their energetic, vibrant and team-based culture perfectly matches our brand character and service portfolio. We believe that ‘U Know U Love IT!’ and ‘U Know U Need IT!’ truly express our customers’ heartfelt feelings to our services.”

The campaign debuted today will be featured in various media covering TV, newspapers, magazines, outdoor TV, mobile apps and online advertising platforms. A special webpage is created at www.wharftt.com to provide an up-close look of the campaign.

Moreover, “My Favourite Fibre Cloud Service Poll” on www.wharftt.com and the “Perfect Match.Unlimited Imagination” Smart ICT Service Matching Game on Wharf T&T’s Facebook page will be launched along with the campaign starting 19th June.

Launched along with the advertising campaign is a charity programme entitled “U LOVE IT! FIBRE CLOUD Heart to Heart Campaign”. As a leading ICT service provider in Hong Kong, we initiate an unprecedented way to raise fund for charity purpose by launching the following programme:

1. “Wharf T&T Fibre Cloud Wallpaper”, the first special edition charity mobile app for Android in Hong Kong, with 6 versions of “Girls Kingdom Wallpaper”

2. Cloud Voice selected Phone Models Charity Wallpaper

3. Two versions of “U LOVE IT! Limited Edition Charity Poster”

Net proceeds after deducting costs will go towards Hong Kong Christian Service to support their social inclusion initiative “Be Your Community Companion” project. The project aims to encourage and assist socially withdrawn adolescents to serve wheelchair users that have difficulty in enjoying normal leisure and social activities.

“As a socially responsible company, Wharf T&T is always looking for ways to contribute to the community in which we operate. We are glad to have Cisco, our long-term partner, to share our same concern and take part in our ‘U LOVE IT! FIBRE CLOUD Heart to Heart Campaign’to support the underprivileged people. Through our cooperation with Hong Kong Christian Service, we hope that more socially withdrawn adolescents and wheelchair users will be able to experience life and feel the essence of love and care,” said Vincent.

About Wharf T&T
Wharf T&T is a leading ICT service provider in Hong Kong and strictly focuses on enabling customers' businesses with one-stop-shop ICT services. Backed by the state-of-the-art "Fibre-to-the-Desk" (FTTD) ultra-high speed broadband network, Wharf T&T possesses strong system integration capabilities and a full suite of subscription-based Fibre Cloud solutions to cope with the evolving demand of ICT adoption in the business sector. Our full range of professional ICT service portfolio encompasses voice, data, conferencing, email messaging, web-building and hosting, IT security, network solution and integration, application implementation, data centre, business continuity and disaster recovery services. For more information, please visit www.wharftt.com.

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