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Press Release
11 Apr 2013
Wharf T&T launches 2013 Corporate Campaign featuring new logo Synergy of Fibre ▪ Cloud ▪ Talent
Unprecedented crossover with H-View Group offering guests free Wharf T&T limited edition red wine

Hong Kong - April 11, 2013 - Wharf T&T, the leading information and communications technology (ICT) services provider in Hong Kong, today proudly presents the 2013 Corporate Campaign and simultaneously unveils our new corporate logo. The new logo depicts an addition of iconic IT elements to showcase Wharf T&T’s ICT evolution and to highlight the company’s core strengths. Mr. Vincent Ma, President of Wharf T&T, said, ‘I Ching’s underlying principle of “Heaven, Earth & People in harmony” to evoke “The Power of Wisdom” perfectly echoes our core strengths in fibre network infrastructure, cloud applications and talent. All these three elements interconnect, intertwine and form the simple formula for business success in this information age. Taking a well-known quote from Leonardo Di Vinci to illustrate the essence, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, Wharf T&T is perfectly in line with this thinking as we are dedicated to making the complex ICT solutions simple and user-friendly for our customers to enable their businesses.” 'Since the launch of the "+EN" project in 2010, our fibre network, now close to completion, has already covered 5,000 commercial buildings, offering "Fibre-to-the-Desk" ultra high-speed business broadband network and diversified cloud services to 90% business customers. Wharf T&T will continue to engage in nurturing and developing talents to further strengthen our core value, that is, service excellence.' Mr. Ma added. This year’s advertising idea came from a famous Chinese classic, I Ching. Wharf T&T’s strong integration capabilities backed by the synergy of IT and telecom perfectly showcases 'I Ching’s Yin & Yang in harmony' while the all-in-one and user-friendly ICT solutions echo I Ching’s fundamental laws of simplicity. I Ching and Wharf T&T share the common ethos to help people and businesses tackle changes with wisdom. With the use of latest computer graphic, the new commercials integrating the essence of traditional wisdom and modern technology, deliver ground-breaking visual experience. The campaign will reach audience through multi-faceted channels via TV, print, online, outdoor TV and social media starting from today. To know more about our campaign, please visit www.wharftt.com. Another highlight of the campaign is a crossover featuring a fusion of business and dining culture. Partnered with H-View Group, an upscale F&B conglomerate, Wharf T&T pioneers a new style of system integration. Guests are invited to enjoy free glasses of Wharf T&T limited edition red wine during lunch and dinner at Harlan’s, H One and Inakaya until April 14, 2013. To celebrate our new look, Fibre Business Broadband Offer is launched. Customers switching to Wharf T&T broadband services can enjoy a special monthly fee at only $288 from either '100M x 2 broadband lines' or '200M x 1 broadband line' offer. This offer lasts until May 10, 2013.

About WTT HK Limited (“WTT”)
WTT (formerly known as Wharf T&T) is a leading ICT service provider in Hong Kong with an aspiration of "Winning Together" with business customers. Utilising its extensive and secure Fibre-To-The-Desk (FTTD) network infrastructure, WTT provides business customers with leading-edge ICT solutions meeting their diverse business needs. WTT’s rich ICT service portfolio ranges from fibre-based high-speed business broadband, sophisticated local and international data networking, advanced IP-based voice telephony, best-in-class public cloud services, and complex mission-critical system integration solutions that aim at enabling businesses of its customers. WTT is not only committed to engaging in solid and long-term ICT partnerships with our customers but also endeavouring best-practice standards and performances, as well as contributing to corporate social responsibility in Hong Kong while doing businesses. For more information, please visit www.wtthk.com.hk.