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28 May 2015
Wharf T&T Unveils Corporate Advertising Campaign Starring Pop Diva, Kay Tse, to Mark 20th Anniversary
Tailor-made Theme Song Best Conveys the Power of ‘Cloud @ Your Fingertips’

Hong Kong — May 28, 2015 — Wharf T&T today announced the launch of 2015 Corporate Advertising Campaign starring pop diva, Kay Tse, who lends voice to the gorgeously tailor-made TV commercial theme song bringing cloud applications to light. This year’s TV commercial makes cloud audible with a beautiful melody, which best demonstrates the power of ‘Cloud @ Your Fingertips’.

An enchanting prelude sets off the scene with Kay composing a song with her fingertips on a piano keyboard at a relaxing working studio. The setting then transforms into a recording studio where Kay continues to compose the music on a computer keyboard. As a versatile medium, the keyboard plays the same tune for both the piano and the computer, achieving equally satisfactory results close at hand. Piano keys produce beautiful music to enrich your life whereas computer keyboard activates computing commands to deliver cloud value at your fingertips and enable your businesses. Subsequently, the composition reaches the end of the line. The scene then shifts to a theatre where Kay takes the stage, sings and performs the theme song on the crystal piano winning big applause from the audience. Kay, the musician in the commercial, expresses absolute precision in music in parallel to Wharf T&T’s commitment to excellence and perfectionism.

As part of Kay’s upcoming Mandarin album, the commercial’s theme song comprises the best collaboration talent including the famed elite composer, JJ Lin. With Kay’s unique voice and full vocal prowess, this endearing and engaging song converges with the theme of the commercial and captures the very essence of cloud solutions.

Vincent Ma, President of Wharf T&T, said, ‘2015 marks our 20th anniversary and we are very pleased to have Kay sing and star in our TV commercial. Kay, known for her pop music, demonstrates a combination of acclaimed talent and competence like no other with her song fully immersed with Hong Kong elements that well mirrors local culture and social lives. Likewise, Wharf T&T has a widely recognised professional expertise in ICT along with an extensive fibre network throughout Hong Kong. In truth, Kay and Wharf T&T share many of the same intrinsic properties. Both of us work relentlessly with the utmost commitment and professionalism towards perfection and innovation. Kay, a glamorous, inspirational and successful pop diva depicting an upbeat image with positive energy, is thus the perfect match for this commercial.’

'This year’s commercial harnesses the power of music to make cloud tangible with evident values. Through Kay’s magical music, cloud becomes audible to the ears. Succeeding last year’s campaign theme, cloud is no longer intangible but visible, audible and right at your fingertips with real business benefits.’

The TV commercial will debut today on major television stations followed by print advertisements in newspapers and magazines as well as advertising on outdoor TVs, mobile apps, online platforms and social media portals. Audience interested to find out more about the campaign are welcomed to visit Wharf T&T website www.wharftt.com.

'Full of boundless opportunities, sky is no limit and cloud is just the beginning. In 2014, Wharf T&T achieved another record-breaking year with the highest revenue and operating profit ever. We took pride in providing business customers with ICT services of exceptional quality and technology over the past 20 years. For the forthcoming years, we will continue to live up to the vision of excellence and gear up our efforts to move forward, deliver better and smarter ICT services to our customers enabling their businesses and drive Hong Kong’s ICT development to the next level,’ added Mr. Ma.

2014 Results Highlights*:
- Total revenue rose by 5% to HK$1,950 million
- Operating profit increased by 17% to set a record of HK$352 million
- EBITDA increased by 7% to HK$755 million, with margin improving to 39%
* Wharf T&T financial results ended December 2014

About WTT HK Limited (“WTT”)
WTT (formerly known as Wharf T&T) is a leading ICT service provider in Hong Kong with an aspiration of "Winning Together" with business customers. Utilising its extensive and secure Fibre-To-The-Desk (FTTD) network infrastructure, WTT provides business customers with leading-edge ICT solutions meeting their diverse business needs. WTT’s rich ICT service portfolio ranges from fibre-based high-speed business broadband, sophisticated local and international data networking, advanced IP-based voice telephony, best-in-class public cloud services, and complex mission-critical system integration solutions that aim at enabling businesses of its customers. WTT is not only committed to engaging in solid and long-term ICT partnerships with our customers but also endeavouring best-practice standards and performances, as well as contributing to corporate social responsibility in Hong Kong while doing businesses. For more information, please visit www.wtthk.com.hk.