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Press Release
30 May 2002
Wharf New T&T Joins Hands with China Netcom & Chunghwa Telecom to Hold IPLC Seminar
Facilitating Close Contacts Among Cross-strait Areas Across Geographical Boundaries

The recent economic downturn has posed tough challenges to the business community. With the edge gained from China's accession to the WTO, many Hong Kong enterprises are striving to expand their operations in Mainland China and Taiwan to explore new business opportunities. At present, numerous Hong Kong enterprises have already established their own manufacturing facilities and offices in Mainland China and Taiwan, and maintaining close contacts between these set-ups is of the utmost importance to these enterprises. Hence, various enterprises are actively seeking cost-effective, comprehensive and high quality cross-border communications services.

The International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) service provided by Wharf New T&T, China Netcom and Chunghwa Telecom can perfectly cater the needs of these enterprises. Following the acclaim received in the IPLC Seminar earlier this year, Wharf New T&T continues with its untiring efforts to host another IPLC seminar in June. This time, top experts from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan will jointly speak on the dedicated point-to-point IPLC service to give enterprises a thorough understanding of the IPLC service. At the same time, they will also provide enterprises with analysis on how to choose the most suitable telecommunications solution.

The IPLC service is a 24-hour point-to-point dedicated IPLC connection that supports high-volume data, voice and video transmission anywhere in the world at extremely high speeds. Its wide scope of application and the recent hefty price cut in charges have helped lift the awareness and acceptance of IPLC service in the market. Wharf New T&T has always been active in expanding its comprehensive telecommunications services. In February 2000, Wharf New T&T successfully broke the last bastion of the former telecom monopoly, and reinforce our commitment in providing and developing quality IPLC services as well as providing cost-effective and high quality data transmission application solutions to various large and small enterprises. Wharf New T&T also actively offers one-stop-shop IPLC solution, which provides a simple way for enterprises to enjoy the dedicated IPLC service. With Wharf New T&T's total solution, enterprises can leave the details to us and focus on developing their core business.

This seminar will not only draw together a team of telecommunications specialists from the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, but live demonstration is also expected to be in the limelight that enables enterprises to have a solid understanding of IPLC service. Wharf New T&T has also invited China Netcom and Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd. as co-organizers. The seminar will have professional representatives from Wharf New T&T on hand to give introductions on the latest development of cross-strait dedicated IPLC service. In addition, they will also explain in detail how enterprises can streamline their workflow, reduce multi-national and cross-border communications cost, and operate in the most cost-effective way through the use of IPLC service and Internet data centers.

Wharf New T&T will also take this opportunity to offer special V.I.P. discount to customers switching to Wharf New T&T's IPLC service. Furthermore, specialists from China Netcom and Chunghwa Telecom will speak on the general overview of international communication services in Mainland China and Taiwan respectively, so that enterprises will have a comprehensive knowledge on IPLC, which in turn will enable them to operate their business in the most cost-effective way and to enhance the overall efficiency and competitiveness of their businesses.

Wharf New T&T is now preparing for this eagerly awaited IPLC seminar. Since seating for this event is limited, the organizers will accept reservations on a first-come first-serve basis. Make your reservations now; don't miss out on this truly unique and informative seminar.

Details for the IPLC Seminar

Date : 6th June 2002 (Thursday)
Time : 2:30PM - 5:15PM
Venue : HKPC Building, Lecture Theatre 1/F78 Tat Chee Avenue (Kowloon Tong MTR Station Exit C1)
Language : Cantonese / Putonghua (Technical Terms in English will be provided)
Charge : Free
Targets : Hong Kong business owners & senior executives with business operations in China & Taiwan
Reservation Hotline : 2778-1166
E-mail : sme@hkpc.org

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