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Payment Method
Billing & Payment
The Customer Service Portal offers online self-services, including e-Billing, Account Profile Management, Subscription of Value Added Service, and Change of Payment Method. You can pay your bill by various payment methods.
Please pay before the payment due date shown on the bill to avoid disconnection of services. In case of disconnection due to non-payment, a reconnection fee may apply to reconnect your service.

If you have any disputes or queries on your statement, please forward to WTT within 15 days from the issue date of the invoice, otherwise, WTT will not consider such dispute or queries.
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Payment Methods
- Make payment by any one of the following methods:

Please bring along the statement issued by WTT to below payment locations:

  1. 7-Eleven;
  2. Circle K Convenience Stores;
  3. VanGO Convenience Stores;
  4. China Resources Vanguard Supermarkets.
By Mail (Cheque)
  1. Mail a crossed cheque payable to “WTT HK Limited” with the payment slip to GPO Box 9988 Hong Kong.
  2. Write the Account Number on the back of the cheque and send it 5 working days before the payment due date.
  3. Post-dated cheque will not be accepted.
  1. Send e-Cheque to e-cheque@wtthk.com and payable to “WTT HK Limited” and in Hong Kong dollars only.
  2. State the Account Number on the “Remarks” of the e-Cheque and send it 3 working days before the payment due date.
  3. Post-dated e-Cheque will not be accepted.
Credit Card Autopay
MasterCard, VISA or AMEX

Please complete the Credit Card Payment Authorization and mail to GPO Box 9988 Hong Kong.

Download Form

(or use the form at the back of the payment slip)

Bank Account Autopay
from the Customer's designated bank account

Please complete a Direct Debit Authorization Form and set up a direct debit authorization instruction with the bank. It requires a minimum of 30 days to process and activate the account.

Download Form

(or call Customer Services Hotline 121-000)

Merchant Code 66
  1. PPS by Phone : 18031
  2. PPS by Internet : www.ppshk.com
  3. PPS Hotline : 900 00 222 329
Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

Please use Bill Payment service at HSBC / Hang Seng Bank ATMs to settle the bill and keep the ATM Advice as a receipt.

Internet Banking

The customer may make payment via online banking service, please check with your bank for details.