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Can I have the copy bills of the previous months?
You can view your latest 3 bills in Online Customer Service in our Customer Service Portal anytime. If you request the bills that are more than 3 months before, you can call our Customer Services Hotline 121-000. The handling charge is $50 per copy.
Can I pay the amount that is not equal to the amount printed on the bill?
Yes, you can pay any amount that you prefer.
Can I pay the bill at 7-Eleven if I do not have any hard copy on hand?

You are required to pay the bill at 7-Eleven in Hong Kong together with the statement or reminder that has a "Bar Code" on it. However, you may use other payment methods mentioned above to pay the bill.

Can I still receive paper bill after registered for e-bill?
If you register for e-bill, you will no longer receive paper bills by post.
Do you have “monthly IDD usage limit”?

WTT is committed to providing supreme quality services platform with high security arrangement to our customers.

With effect from 1 October 2017, WTT will pre-set a monthly IDD usage limit to further safeguard our customers’ IDD account(s) so as to minimize any losses from unauthorized IDD usage.

Unless otherwise being notified, the total monthly IDD usage limit for all new and existing IDD customers is HK$1,000.

For details, you may contact our Customer Services Hotline at 121-000.

How can I pay the bill?
You can pay your bill by Cash, Cheques, Credit Card, PPS, Direct Debit, ATM, Internet Banking, or Phone Banking. Please click here for details.
How can I register e-bill?

Please call our Customer Services Hotline 121-000 or email to cc@wtthk.com.

How much does it cost if I want to receive paper bill?
We will charge $10 per bill if you want to receive the bill by post. It is free of charge to receive the bill via email.
I have received your ebill but I cannot open it.
Our ebill is saved in PDF format. You can open it by installing the "Acrobat Reader".
When will I receive the bill?
The bill will be sent to you on a monthly basis either by post or by email. You can also view your latest 3 bills at our Online Customer Service anytime.