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DDAAPP Studio is a system integrator focusing on building insightful and user-friendly systems and Apps across different platforms. In hosting different systems and Apps across sectors for clients with fluctuations of traffic flow and usage patterns, DDAAPP requires a reliable, flexible, and scalable cloud platform to guarantee the best use of resource allocation, cost control, and time.
WTT Managed Services powered by AWS cloud solution is the perfect fit for DDAAPP as it helps DDAAPP run all Apps across industries with different traffic flow patterns which is made easy by the automated scalability and flexibility powered by the innovative AWS cloud environment. With continuous cost optimisation and monitoring by WTT, DDAAPP can focus on their core web development business and not have to manage cloud infrastructure-related resources as well.
Focus on Your Core Business, the Rest is on WTT’s Managed Services – WTT Helps DDAAPP Host Platform on AWS Cloud with Effective Traffic Management

Founded in 2010, DDAAPP Studio helps different organisations to create handy Apps and intelligent solutions that contribute to Hong Kong's fantastic urban life. Successful stories include an OTP App for a major TV channel in Hong Kong, a face-recognition App for a beauty brand, and a smart vending machine with AI analytics on customer gender and gestures.

DDAAPP’s recent project to develop a promotional mini-platform for a real estate company best showcases how WTT’s managed services for AWS cloud solution let our clients focus on growing business instead of managing resource allocation and infrastructure. The platform developed by DDAAPP facilitates the roll out of a monthly promotional campaign by the real estate company. “They launch their marketing campaign once a month and invite their members to join. In the past the client’s previous vendor deployed on-premise servers to host the platform, but it turned out that the servers could not support instances of heavy traffic and they used to devote a lot of effort in scaling up and down due to the unpredictability of the traffic,” explained Jacky Hui, Founder of DDAAPP Studio.

DDAAPP took over the support and consultancy for the client in such cases, suggesting that the static servers were not the best option for hosting the platform. “Other than that, purchasing hardware to support the platform and its related operations is obviously not cost-effective in this case as the uptime is once a month only, and the resources would risk being underused during non-peaks. So we opted for a pay-as-you-go, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and scalable AWS solution to shed off unnecessary ownership costs,” said Jacky.

Attention Brought Back to Core Business

As an accredited AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, WTT responded to DDAAPP’s requirements professionally and quickly calculated a solution, starting from designing the infrastructure on AWS that could adapt to the platform’s traffic fluctuations, to overall cloud deployment and stress tests for the platform guaranteeing its smooth running on the AWS cloud. “When the campaigns are on and traffic spikes, AWS automatically scales to support inbound traffic without needing our manpower to provision or maintain additional resources. Then we just pay for how much traffic we have used,” Jacky continued.

The next step towards cost optimisation is the managed services powered by WTT’s cloud expert team which is seen as a continuous support to the professional AWS service. “The infrastructure is now reviewed and fine-tuned by WTT to track its performances in great detail, seeing which parts can be optimised. WTT is our trusted cloud partner and with WTT’s support, we can rapidly deploy more Apps and platforms without the worry of resource allocation and cost control, also with new technology introduced by WTT like LAMBA and serverless technique,” said Jacky. “We can now sit back and concentrate on our core web development project for the other clients, and at the same time ensuring that our ongoing Apps are working in the most reliable and cost-effective way.”