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Hitachi Capital (Hong Kong) Limited, a financial services corporation in Hong Kong, was looking for a scalable and highly-automated Human Resources Management System (HRMS) to replace their existing HRMS set up 20 years ago with limited functions. Migrating and integrating the HR records of more than 130 staff from the old system was another challenge that had to be addressed
COL helped Hitachi Capital HK migrate smoothly to a modern, full-featured, and scalable HRMS coupled with an employee self-service (ESS) platform. The newly implemented HRMS automates their workflows and minimises HR administrative processes, consequently greatly enhancing productivity and efficiency. It is a perfect and sustainable upgrade in preparation for future growth
Hitachi Capital Achieves Human Capital Growth by using COL HR Pro
Evolve from a Time-worn HR System into a Tactful Modernised HRMS Solution

Do you have a rather outmoded system in your office that you long to improve but are always hanging back as you think the massive transition from manuscript to digital data would be too arduous? Hitachi Capital HK has just discovered a new world by adopting a new HRMS which did not require a massive manual migration effort.

Hitachi Capital (Hong Kong) Limited is a subsidiary of Hitachi Capital Corporation, a listed company on Tokyo Stock Exchange. Operating in 5 regions worldwide, its Hong Kong office has been established for more than 40 years and now has over 130 full-time staff. Its comprehensive financial services include leasing for machinery and equipment, automobiles for all on-road purposes, loans for both corporate and individual customers, etc.

They had been using an HR management system for the past 20 years without updating it for many years. “Payroll and leave management involved intensive manpower and was time-consuming, and used up a lot of paper as well,” recalled Ms. Indif Ng, Head of Human Resources & Administration Department at Hitachi Capital HK. They were in search of an ideal upgrade equipped with an employee self-service (ESS) platform for greater automation, and scalable enough for more features to be added in the future. However, they were informed that the previous system could not expand any more.

After thorough consideration of the service quality, system platform, user-friendliness and cost, we were determined to have COL as our new HRMS provider,” said Indif.

Productive and Paperless Workflows driven by Employee Self-service Platform

Using COL HR Pro as the new HRMS solution for Hitachi Capital HK means it is now their time to enjoy automation. The ESS platform is the key. “When considering a new service provider, we mainly focused on how the system will reduce our administrative and processing costs,” stated Indif. Employees can now apply for leave, check leave balance or attendance record, and update personal information by themselves at any time. “Now they don’t have to fill out complicated paper forms and hand it in to multiple approvers in the approval chain, or call the HR staff to check records. Furthermore, supervisors can check attendances of subordinates quickly by using HR Pro’s ESS platform.

In addition, for HR administration, “in the past, our HR staff had to input leave applications manually one by one. That made payroll complicated and took a full day to process. Now it is automated and saves at least half a day for payroll processing,” said Indif with satisfaction. Linked with up-to-date leave records, using HR Pro means leave pay does not have to be adjusted one by one as only the recurring payroll transactions need to be pre-set and HR Pro does the rest. What is more, HR Pro supports full compliance with local employment regulation updates. “Payroll accuracy is thus greatly increased. We can all focus on higher-value activities instead of tedious procedures.

Taking HRMS to a Scalable Level for Future Enhancement Plans

The introduction of a brand new HRMS in Hitachi Capital is a game changer for their HR professionals as they are well aware that upgrading to the best-fit HRMS is crucial to staying relevant for future growth. Indif explained, “The previous time-worn HRMS was unable to support report generation and data analysis which are needed for the continuous evolution of compliance regulations and reporting requirements. HR Pro is equipped with these functions.

Regular enhancements are also essential to keeping abreast of the latest HR and technology trends. HR Pro offers a scalable structure to which functional modules can be added whenever needed. “After successful implementation of HR Pro, we are already planning an upgrade to the system with advanced value-added modules such as performance appraisal management,” revealed Indif.

Seamless Data Migration from an Out-of-date System

Intriguing enough to be mentioned was the migration process from the old to the new system. A huge amount of HR data such as P-Files and payroll records needed to be exported from the old system during migration. Yet, the old system only allowed manual export using floppy disks. “COL’s professional team closely collaborated with our team to guarantee secure data extraction from our old system. The migration seemed to be hard but COL’s team provided systematic framework and professional guidelines for us to input missing data manually but effectively,” continued Indif. The entire migration and system implementation were completed in only 4 months.

Following the introduction of HR Pro, Hitachi Capital HK has found its administrative HR processes magically streamlined, and office paper consumption successfully reduced by 60% which is a very positive contribution to the company’s CSR initiatives. They are particularly impressed by COL’s taskforce who constantly demonstrate a high level of professionalism and excellent quality service. “Apart from the genuinely stress-free, end-to-end HRMS solution itself, COL’s project team communicated with us proactively to understand our specific needs and was quick to respond to all our requirements – especially with the web-based support platform which logs our enquiries and fault reports for timely response and effective review of service level.

We have shared this successful experience with our business acquaintances and peers without hesitation,” Indif concluded.