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With limited resources, manpower and expertise in managing social media promotions, PPG lacked experience and know-how to manage its Facebook page and attract more Facebook fans in a short period of time
One-stop WeB eMarketing Managed Service from planning to implementation – WeB's Facebook taskforce helped Pappagallo evaluate and formulate a social media marketing strategy, a Facebook marketing plan and implement promotional campaigns on Facebook resulting in PPG gaining over 4,000 fans in just two weeks
WeB Helps Pappagallo Harness the Power of Social Media Marketing

According to the latest survey* by Alterian Inc., an integrated marketing consultancy firm in the USA that polls 1,068 marketing professionals worldwide; 66% plan to invest in social media marketing and 40% plan to shift more than a fifth of their traditional direct budget towards funding social media tactics. Email marketing and social media have emerged as top strategies for most marketers at the dawn of the new decade. Pappagallo (PPG) is an innovative forward thinker with a plan to implement social media marketing. Let’s see how WeB helps PPG to tap into the social media with its eMarketing Managed Services.

Pappagallo is an ice-cream and dessert chain store that has been operating in Hong Kong since 1999. The Company offers more than 200 kinds of innovative ice-cream products such as gelato-made cakes, mooncakes, sushi, and other desserts in more than 10 outlets located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

PPG has been using its corporate website for new product launch promotion which has been well-received by its VIP customers. Catching up with the trend for social media marketing, a Facebook page was set up in 2010 for interactive online engagement. However, with limited human resources and expertise, PPG needs to find a solution to manage its Facebook page effectively and drive results for the marketing team.

To demonstrate the combo effect of Group purchase (i.e. promoting products on WeB's own Qpon818.com) and Facebook marketing, the WeB managed service team suggested PPG to launch a campaign of "Click 'Like' on Your Favourite Flavour" together with their "Fans to fix price" promotion. As a result, the campaign generated over 10,000 'Likes' on participating fans' posters, while the response to the promotion was overwhelming, driving down the price of the daily offer to $13, more than 55% off PPG's regular price.

Attracting over 4,000 fans to PPG's Facebook Page in 2 weeks

PPG campaigns
The success of this joint promotion has inspired Ms. Irene Poon, Senior Marketing Manager of PPG to approach WeB's FaceBook taskforce to help restructure PPG's social media strategy by continuously increasing its Facebook fan base for future promotional campaigns.

In December 2010, WeB helped PPG deploy WeB eMarketing Managed Service to re-launch its Facebook page with a brand new "Slogan Competition" campaign resulting in more than 4,000 fans being successfully added to PPG's page.

"The campaign has helped us to build a strong base for future marketing projects on Facebook. With the help of WeB's professional team, we have formulated a Facebook marketing plan for the coming year. We will rely on WeB's eMarketing Managed Service to carefully monitor our Facebook page and build closer relationships with our fans," said Irene. "We believe that we are able to attract more fans to become PPG VIP members and build a stronger PPG social media community," added Irene.

*Alterian Annual Survey 2009