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Substantial enhancement on existing network performance with round-the-clock maintenance support is required so that Sunflower's growing demand for fast and reliable internal/external communications can be met and the company can keep its competitive edge in the digital age
100M "+EN" FTTD ultra high-speed business broadband supporting fast and reliable Internet connection and 10M IP VPN internal network enhancement for ERP system operational efficiency improvement
Sunflower Travel Deploys FTTD High-speed Broadband Making For Happier Staff and Happier Customers

Thanks to the Internet, booking your next holiday has never been easier. You can select your dream destination with just a few clicks of the mouse, view the entire itinerary on your screen, and make instantaneous payments online with your credit card. But this is not possible unless you have a reliable and secure network infrastructure. Sunflower Travel Service Limited (Sunflower) is committed to enhancing its communications network and upgrading the bandwidth to ensure their customers have a safer, more efficient online shopping experience.

Established in 1974, Sunflower is one of Hong Kong's leading companies serving the travel needs of Hong Kong citizens. Sunflower provides an all-encompassing travel service ranging from group tours, individual ticket, hotel arrangements, cruises to overseas weddings. Sunflower launched their corporate website in 1998 and has seen its web traffic growing dramatically.

Challenge for High Bandwidth Communications

A pleasant web-browsing experience is essential to promoting products and services as well as in brand building. “As high-speed household Internet becomes more widely available, customers expect shorter and shorter downloading times to view websites. So we really need to upgrade our network constantly and increase our bandwidth to make sure our customers can get the information they require or make payments through our website within seconds,” said Mr. Lawrence Leung, Manager, Information System Department of Sunflower.

Network speed was slow before the upgrade, especially during the peak hours when the network experienced traffic congestion caused by heavy data traffic in all of Sunflower's branch offices as well as connection with travel partners such as airlines, cruise lines, and hotels that must be routed to the head office before processing to the designated address. Sunflower needed a more reliable and strategic network to handle all of this traffic to ensure top performance.

As organizations increasingly rely on computer systems in all areas of their operations, prompt technical support at times of network failure is vital to ensuring a company can continue to deliver its service. "Service availability is crucial to our business operation. Our previous service provider didn't have a local node so when the network failed, they were unable to repair it directly and we were very frustrated with the delayed service recovery time. Now we are using the strong network infrastructure developed and owned by WTT, which provides a direct and instant recovery service, and is better and faster. It is the ideal communication network solution for us," said Lawrence.

Fibre-to-the-Desk Business Broadband: Better and Faster Communication

WTT's 100M Business Broadband service powered by the "+EN" Fibre-to-the-Desk (FTTD) network infrastructure with fibre directly connected to Sunflower's head office has helped the company handle high web traffic effectively even during peak hours, which in turn enables Sunflower to focus more on its core business without worrying about network traffic and communications.

"We are impressed with the great stability and availability brought by WTT's "+EN" network with zero downtime since deployment. Their response time to our service requests and enquiries is so efficient that the overall work process has been significantly improved," added Lawrence. "We are very pleased with the latest enhancement and expect it to help drive online bookings as well as boost our corporate image through a better online experience."

Better Customer Service: Faster Response Time to Customer Enquiry

Sunflower has also upgraded its internal network, implementing WTT's 10M IP VPN in the head office and 2M IP VPN in all its branch offices to run the company's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system so that online booking information can be shared between all its offices. The real-time Intranet access has greatly reduced the system's data processing and response time to customer enquiries. This upgrade has brought Sunflower happier customers and happier staff.

Sunflower and WTT have built a good rapport through this latest project, "WTT thoroughly tested the network and pre-routing to ensure smooth migration even during office hours. We are very pleased that they are able to think from our perspective and delivered us the best solutions. We are glad to have WTT as our network partner because they provide a professional service at a competitive rate," Lawrence agreed.