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Looking for a cost-effective and impactful e-marketing tool to increase memberships
Riding on the one-stop WeB-Demand Generation Platform, Escape Spa makes use of e-Coupon, Joint Promotion and WeB-Reach service to maximise its reach to target customer group
Email Marketing Helps Escape Spa Rise to a New Level of Promotion

"...to a new level of perfection" - Escape Spa's slogan clearly explains its mission of providing a relaxing environment minutes away from the buzzing life in Hong Kong city so that customers can pamper themselves for an afternoon or evening enjoying one of the best series of Beauty and Skin treatments and massage therapies available.

What makes Escape Spa rise "to a new level of promotion"?

Although launched more than ten years ago and possessing a substantial customer base, Escape Spa faces fierce competition. With opening of a new branch in Causeway Bay, a more effective strategy to enlarge the membership base is priority. Ricky Fung, Escape Spa's Sales and Marketing Director, said, "Beating off stiff competition and meeting various customer needs have driven us to explore more marketing channels, such as e-Marketing as email marketing would be the most cost-effective way of reaching our younger target audience."

According to the List of 10 trends for spas in 2010 published by the International Spa Association, more spas are embracing social media and shifting their focus to appeal to the Millennial Generation (aged 18-29). They see the younger generation are more dedicated to preventive health and more comfortable and familiar with spa offerings than older generations or their parents. This group is also more at ease with technology, which explains why email, social media, and cell phone applications made the list.

In 2009 Escape Spa started using "WeB-eM" - WTT eBusiness's flagship email marketing service. Since then, WeB-eM and its related service portfolio have been their primary online email marketing tool to communicate its latest offers and promotions to their customers.

WeB-Demand Generation platform is WeB's extended service portfolio for its customers to launch outbound and inbound e-Marketing campaigns such as 'Joint Promotion', 'eCoupon', and the recently launched 'WeB-Reach' service. Customers can use the platform and partner with other members of the WeB community to design and launch new promotional campaigns so that they can extend their reach to more new prospects. Since their launch, these email marketing tools and promotion programmes have aroused a great deal of attention among existing customers, and Escape Spa was one of them.

"I believe it is a brilliant idea as we can explore new marketing opportunities and form a lot of creative partnerships within the WeB community through programmes such as 'Joint Promotion' and 'eCoupon'. We are glad that WeB staff have provided excellent advice and implementation support for our online marketing strategies," added Ricky.

"Customers' feedback and requirements help guide the design of WeB-Demand Generation service. The platform provides useful marketing resources that can help SMEs launch a promotional campaign quickly and easily. More importantly, the business opportunities the customer is exposed to are phenomenal," explained Kenneth Tsang, Assistant Marketing Director of WeB.

Over the past few months, Escape Spa has launched several campaigns for different target customers through WeB-Demand Generation platform's monthly 'Joint Promotion' and 'eCoupon' programme.

"While we are still exploring customers' online shopping behaviour through various online promotional messages, we appreciate all the opportunities and exposure that WeB-Demand Generation platform provides, it really helps! Escape Spa will launch a brand new series of laser skincare treatment service, Collagen+ this coming September. We will continue to work closely with WeB in order to expand our business," added Ricky delightedly.

Features that facilitate Escape Spa's email marketing campaign:

  • Customer database creation and maintenance
  • Email content design with built-in templates
  • Tracking customers' responses to trigger follow-up actions
  • Real time programmes results retrieval
  • Partnership programmes and service bundling for creative joint promotions