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Conquest needed a secure, reliable network infrastructure to support their long-term growth and maintain effective operations and communications with their stakeholders
WTT helped Conquest build a scalable and flexible email platform with a SME client server. Mail guard and anti-virus solutions were also deployed to tighten data protection. Conquest can now offload IT maintenance & administration, server and desktop PCs performance monitoring to WTT's PCCARE and SERVERCARE services
Conquest Enhances Data Security and Strengthens Communications with a Reliable and Flexible Hosting Solution for SMEs

Globalisation is reducing investment barriers and providing new opportunities for companies around the world. To this end, Hong Kong has long enjoyed many geographical advantages as the hub for the eastern and south eastern Asian region and it continues to be the preferred destination for foreign direct investment for companies of any sizes and types of business.

Conquest is a small to medium-sized Japanese apparel merchandising firm specialising in the planning, procurement and sales of fashion clothing. Its major customers include Sogo and UNIQLO. To facilitate the development of its business in China, Conquest set up an office in Hong Kong in 2000 to manage operations in the south China region.

During the initial stage, Conquest Hong Kong did not have its own IT network. "There was no plan for building any IT infrastructure during the setting up stage because all we needed was a basic email account for communications purposes. We thought that subscribing to an email account from any local ISP would be sufficient," said Catherine Poon, representative of Conquest Hong Kong.

Incident that Sounded the Alarm

In business, crises can strike at any time and organisations without contingency plans are vulnerable. "A few years ago, our Hong Kong office experienced a sudden power outage. All data saved on our email server could not be retrieved because the previous ISP didn't back up our emails. Subsequently we lost all addresses and communications with our headquarters as well as our customers," added Catherine.

Conquest realised then that a secure, reliable network infrastructure was critical to support their long-term growth and maintain effective operations and communications with their stakeholders. "We needed to take control of our email server and maximise results through improved delivery, security and personalisation. We weren't network or IT planners but we needed a total solution from a reliable partner. Afterwards a friend of mine recommended WTT's Network and IT Assessment Service to me," said Catherine. "We then contacted them straight away."

Developing an IP Network With a Reliable Partner

At the outset WTT's Network & IT Assessment Service team helped Conquest Hong Kong review its network topology, security and resiliency measures. They then built a scalable and flexible email platform with a SME client server. Mail guard and anti-virus solutions were also deployed to tighten data protection.

"This comprehensive solution today allows us to customise email settings and gain full control of our server administration and data backup. More than that, we can have our own domain name - cqt.com.hk which helps strengthen our brand image and awareness," Catherine commented.

"In the old days, different holiday schedules between Hong Kong and Japan had caused us some delays in communications and work processes due to inflexible email programmes. This new web mail function now lets us conveniently access our personal mailboxes anywhere, anytime over the net, so we can keep in touch with our Japanese clients even on public holidays."

Peace of Mind with Helpdesk Outsourcing Service

To help stay focused on their core business, Conquest Hong Kong selected WTT's PCCARE and SERVERCARE services to offload IT maintenance and administration. WTT acted as an IT helpdesk to closely monitor Conquest Hong Kong's server and desktop PCs performance, providing onsite or offsite support and maintenance whenever necessary. Catherine adds - "We have offloaded our network and server maintenance to a reliable partner for peace of mind support. Adopting WTT's PCCARE and SERVERCARE became a really smart move for us."

Conquest Hong Kong has just renewed the PCCARE and SERVERCARE service contract with WTT for two consecutive years. "With WTT's professional advice on network planning and design, we have established a dedicated domain server which enables us to enjoy secure communication and enhanced operational efficiency," said Catherine. "Moreover, their PCCARE service provides immediate support to help solve all our technical problems, regardless of how small. It's like having your own professional IT team stationed in the office."


Conquest was extremely impressed with WTT's SME solution, which helped them gain control of their mail server administration through outsourcing. "We were not aware that a local conglomerate could be so dedicated to helping SMEs find the right solutions while protecting their investments with scalable products that grow in line with their business. We are truly grateful to have WTT as our partner," says Catherine.