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Everest wanted to maximise investments in IT by creating a standard suite of applications for all their subsidiaries
The HBS is a Java based platform with business intelligence capabilities. Through the Health Benefits System developed by COL, paperwork was eliminated and efficiency enhanced. The system can capture useful information for better control and eliminating manual checks in the long run
Outsourcing Business Management Performance to COL is a Clear Choice for Everest

One of the most frequent problems encountered by businesses with offices across different locations is the lack of a common IT system. Often, offices have their own IT systems that cannot interconnect with other core systems at different locations. It is in fact very expensive and not feasible to maintain all these separate systems across the region particularly when they become outdated.

Everest is a holding company consisted of a group of companies, one of which is International Administrators' & Limited (IAL) which provides administration services to insurance companies. The Everest group of companies has offices across Asia, including Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and other locations.

Everest, like many other Pan-Asian companies, had the same problem with their IT systems. They wanted to maximise investments in IT by creating a standard suite of applications for all their subsidiaries. With this in mind, COL was commissioned by Vesuvius, a subsidiary of Everest, to develop a system, initially for Hong Kong and eventually deployed across the region.

Another problem the Company faced was that its staff had to handle lots of paper work manually and significant efforts were spent trying to generate reports for management's use. Through the new system developed by COL, paperwork was eliminated and efficiency enhanced. The new system succeeds in capturing useful information with an aim to provide better control and eliminate manual checks in the long run.

The Health Benefits System (HBS) with Business Intelligence capabilities from Hyperion, is another part of the standardised suite of solutions that is worth highlighting. The HBS system is a Java based platform that allows Vesuvius to achieve its objective of "processing anything, anywhere, anytime ".

Vesuvius selected COL because COL has the industry knowledge and understands their business and their needs. "We want a vendor who already understands our needs so that we don't need to brief them about our business," says Mr Thomas.

The next implementation location will be in a joint venture in Vietnam. In fact, the system is well into the implementation stage and is scheduled to be live by mid-2006. An implementation study is now also being carried out in the Philippines.

Apart from the HBS and business intelligence systems, the Company is also using COL's facilities management services. All the systems are being hosted and run on COL premises. The Company made this outsourcing decision because it is more cost effective and secure to outsource to COL. In addition, business continuity plans are in place in case disaster strikes. "COL provides the Company with good protection through a robust infrastructure with BCP (Business Continuity Planning) and DR (Disaster Recovery) capabilities. I am very confident after seeing the results of the drills with COL. Their staff is very professional and they have all the state-of-the-art equipments in place. I am also pleased with their exceptional quality of service, including ISO9001:2000 service provider qualification in the areas of BCP," adds Mr Thomas.

The newly developed and implemented system can now be linked up to the Company's existing accounting system and document imaging system. It can also be accessed through a web interface. "Through this region-wide project, our goal is to handle more jobs with the same amount of resources," says Mr Larry Thomas, General Manager of Vesuvius.