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Business Performance Management
Schneider Electric required an effective system to centralise all financial reports to enhance operational efficiency
The business performance management software helped integrate and standardise all data on a single web-based analytic platform across different divisions and branches. Through simple access via the Internet, the company can easily get the latest financial performance reports, therefore, management staff at the head office can now keep track of performances across all locations, and implement proactive strategies with accurate information on hand
COL Offerings Facilitate Schneider Electric's Successful Business Performance Management

As companies nowadays face continued pressure to align their operations with strategic goals, Business Performance Management (BPM), which optimises business performance and facilitates better business decisions, is emerging as an essential tool to help companies thrive and maintain a strong foothold in the market.

Headquartered in France with an extensive presence in 130 countries, Schneider Electric is a worldwide leader in electrical distribution, industrial control and automation. Hong Kong is the Headquarter of its Asia Pacific Division. To keep track of overall financial performance, a reporting system was set up, grouping entities into 8 zones with each periodically submitting financial reports to the headquarters.

To centralise the financial reports and better achieve operational efficiency, the Asia Pacific headquarters of Schneider Electric selected Hyperion solutions and planned to deploy the system to all branches across its territories. "When we were selecting a suitable solution provider in Hong Kong, price was not our main concern. Rather, we looked for a company that could deliver the best solutions to us. COL, strongly recommended by Hyperion, is an ideal partner to take charge of this project," says Mr. Suveg.

Regardless of how perfect Hyperion software is, when it comes to actual implementation, some level of customisation is inevitable in order to meet local conditions."COL understands and listens to our needs very well. Their consultants are extremely committed to the project; COL is more than just an IT company, it is a professional consulting company. They are particularly good at applying their local expertise in customising Hyperion software that is tailor-made for our needs. This has resulted in adding substantial value to our business," adds Mr. Suveg.

The new software brought tremendous benefits to Schneider Electric."In the past, we had to work on spreadsheets and excel which was definitely a cumbersome task. But the situation now has changed drastically. All data are integrated and standardised on a single web-based analytic platform across different divisions and branches. Through simple access via the Internet, we can easily get the latest financial performance reports whenever we are. We appreciate very much the professionalism and dedication shown by COL's implementation team, which significantly reduced the burden on our staff so that we can now concentrate on our core business activities," says Mr. Suveg.

Under the new reporting system empowered by Hyperion Essbase, management level staff at the head office can now keep track of performances across all locations, and implementing proactive strategies based on consistent, accurate and real-time data. This has enabled Schneider Electric to effectively respond to any changes in the market and thus achieve better business performance.

The system went live in phases and implementation will continue to roll out in China during the next phase. "We noticed a synergy between Schneider Electric and COL. Leveraging our strong partnership, we see it as definitely a win-win situation for both parties, and I have great confidence that the China project will be another roaring success," says Mr. Suveg.

"We have long sought to deploy a powerful reporting and analytical software application that could exercise business performance management by collecting, organising and analysing financial data from disparate entities in Asia Pacific regularly. It is especially important to gain insights into how we should be planning ahead for the future. Thanks to COL's effort throughout the implementation process, it all eventually came to fruition," says Mr. Stephane Suveg, Financial Controller, Consolidation and Performance Analysis Manager of the Asia Pacific Division of Schneider Electric.