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Case Studies
Ho Yuen Express
Octopus Payment Service, WiFi, Data
As one of the food truck operators in the first batch of Food Truck Pilot Schemes launched in February 2017, Ho Yuen Express (Ho Yuen) needs a quick but holistic e-Payment solution to start it all off
WTT’s customized one-stop ICT services enhances flexibility and operational efficiency of e-Payment system and mobile Point-of-sale in this mobile gourmet service
Hong Kong's Food Trucks Hit the Road - Ho Yuen Express
ICT plays an essential role in enhancing flexibility and operational efficiency in this mobile gourmet service

Ho Yuen Express (Ho Yuen) is one of the food truck operators in the first batch of Food Truck Pilot Schemes launched in February 2017. As the leading ICT service operator for decades, WTT is experienced in providing the best-fit ICT services to equip Ho Yuen so that its business has a good start-up.

Mobile Payment Options:
Convenience for Customers ― and More Sales for Operators

WTT’s customised one-stop Octopus payment service caters for every e-Payment system detail from account application, installation, maintenance to aftersales, allowing Ho Yuen to focus on selling a range of mouth-watering delicacies and leaving all of the technical and implementation hassles to WTT.

Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS) to Enhance Operational Efficiency

When operating a successful food truck, it is vital to process transactions quickly by connecting its POS via a secure and stable WiFi service continuously. WTT’s ecMe-Fi service best fits Ho Yuen’s specific requirements and is essential in enhancing its mobile operations and sales efficiency.

Ms. Conina Mui of Ho Yuen Express says, “WTT provides very professional and meticulous onsite support together with an explanation on how to install and operate the Octopus payment system with passion and patience. Whenever we need technical support, we just give them a call and they will respond to us and address our needs in a timely manner.” Ms Mui added, “Adopting a mobile payment service guarantees smooth operation and makes the payment procedure more convenient for our customers.”