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Case Studies
Christ College / Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui College / Pui Tak Canossian Primary School
Broadband, System Integration
Increasing demand of e-learning means that campuses have to be equipped with stronger Wi-Fi network infrastructure
WTT helps to create an interactive and collaborative learning environment by building reliable school Wi-Fi network infrastructures for e-learning deployment
Create an interactive and collaborative learning environment with WTT

The development of e-learning has accelerated over the past few years and has revolutionised traditional paradigms of classroom teaching. The Education Bureau has launched ‘The Support Scheme for e-Learning in Schools’ which aims to provide public sector schools with funding to enhance their Wi-Fi infrastructure to cater for the needs of e-learning resources in class. The funding will also allow schools to acquire mobile computing devices for use in class by students. Christ College, Pui Tak Canossian Primary School, and Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui College were selected to participate in the support scheme. Three schools have recently appointed WTT as their trusted ICT solutions provider after careful consideration and screening.

With years of experience, professional knowledge and a well-qualified expert team, WTT stands out from the competition in the industry. WTT believes a reliable school Wi-Fi network infrastructure is the prerequisite for e-learning deployment and is dedicated to providing professional school Wi-Fi solutions and support to meet the increasing demand of e-learning.

Three principals herein talk about their experiences and how WTT has helped them create an interactive and collaborative learning environment.

Mr. Fung Chi Tak – Principal of Christ College
"WTT’s professional team visited our campus to perform a site survey. They examined the site environment carefully and built what works best for us. The service does not end there, proactive and effective monitoring is constantly carried out to guarantee high service quality.”

Mr. Lo Man Piu – Principal of Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui College
"WTT helped upgrade our fibre broadband services from 100M to 1G. The high-speed Internet maximises wireless performance and connection, students enjoy the flexibility of accessing online learning materials wherever and whenever works best for them. Learning is no longer restricted to the classrooms.”

Ms. Chiu Koon See – Principal of Pui Tak Canossian Primary School
"The one-stop solution provided by WTT is truly impressive. With a reliable wireless network, teachers feel encouraged to bring more online tools and resources into their lessons and create an innovative learning environment which actively engages students and increases study motivation.”