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It is SMEs who ask, "How can small companies with limited resources and without a marketing team look after their online marketing activities tight, not to mention whether or not they have the expertise to get it right?"
To provide marketers a customised end-to-end e-commerce solution including Facebook management, eDM, SMS, search engine marketing, eShop and eCoupon via WeB-TOUCH platform, interactive online marketing campaigns can be effectively executed with meticulous campaign reports for analysis
Unleash the power of online marketing with WeB-TOUCH

According to Google’s Consumer Barometer, in 2015, 75% of Hong Kong consumers utilised different online tools to conduct research or make purchases directly. So online marketing is no doubt an essential tool to drive growth in market reach, sales, and profits particularly for SMEs with limited resources who find traditional marketing unaffordable.

Many SMEs raise the following questions: 'Is online marketing a cost-effective way of reaching a broad spectrum of consumers with lower wastage? Is online marketing more targeted than traditional marketing?' The online marketing solutions expert WeB would say YES if you get it right and look after it tight.

It is SMEs who ask the next question: 'How can small companies with limited resources and without a marketing team look after their online marketing activities tight, not to mention whether or not they have the expertise to get it right?'

A customised end-to-end e-commerce solution by a reliable online marketing expert on an entirely outsourced basis is the perfect answer for SMEs. It can manage all aspects of an e-commerce channel, meticulously weaving the subtleties of every brand into every aspect of online business and focusing on the customised needs of each partner. This expert will develop a reliable and effective e-marketing model, leveraging at least six seamlessly integrated core online marketing service modules as shown in the following.

The online marketing expert WeB believes that the adoption of online marketing with the right skills and technology is vital. It is particularly essential for SMEs with no resources, no skills, or technological know-how to secure the right partner to look after their online marketing activities in a meticulous and effective way.

The award-winning integrated online marketing platform, WeB-TOUCH, presented by WeB has won numerous accolades such as the 'Best SMB Partner (e-Commerce Platform)' Grand Award in the SMBWorld Awards 2015, PCM Biz IT Excellence Award in 2015, and 2014 HKICT Award for its outstanding achievement and long-term commitment to leading innovative, user-friendly, cost effective e-marketing solutions for Hong Kong business.

See what WeB's customers' said...

Ms. Winnie Au – Apple Mall
Establishing Online Presence & Going Viral
'WeB’s experts have gathered invaluable user data through interactive HTML Facebook games for us. Their skillful use of Facebook ads together with gimmick wall posts have created huge viral effects and greatly improved our brand awareness. WeB’s highly skilled performance marketing services team has developed a custom multichannel marketing strategy for our brand online, launching a full suite of strategic initiatives coordinated to drive quantifiable improvements in acquisition and remarketing efficiencies.'

Mr. Eric Wong – Sun Hing Hong Travel Agency
User-friendly Platform Comes with Great Reports
'WeB-TOUCH is an easy-to-use, low-cost, DIY database management platform from which we can launch eDM and SMS promotional campaigns with just a few touches. The meticulous reports in which every online initiative is carefully measured and analyzed are very impressive, revealing critical data trends that translate into bottom-line results allowing consistent improvements to be made.'

Mr. Derek Feng – iSPACE-PMQ
Professional Content & Platform Management
'WeB’s marketing experts manage both our Facebook fan page and company website. Their Facebook content managers are able to write thoughtful and attractive wall posts and tips on Facebook that grasp the audience’s attention. Their IT team is able to fulfill our internet marketing goals with timely content update and appropriate modifications in line with our business needs. We have attained 4Bs since appointing WeB to be our online marketing partner. We are now “Be Found, Be Connected, Be Interesting and Be Social”. We are glad to have found an excellent online marketing partner.'