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Convoy‘s existing HR systems were unable to cope with the challenges of company expansion and workforce diversity
A systemised, automated, scalable, and centralised Human Resources Management System (HRMS) was implemented to ensure a sustainable and efficient HR structure
Automated and Systemised HRMS Tracking and Managing Workforce Diversity Effectively

Financial services are more about strategy and so is HR management — the right strategy and the right system guaranteeing positive returns.

Convoy Global Holdings Limited (Convoy) is a reputable Hong Kong financial adviser specialising in financial planning, insurance, asset management, MPF, and money-lending services. By expanding product offerings and territories, Convoy helps customers reach their financial goals through total financial planning solutions.

As a result of successful expansion with employees in fundamentally different professions, Convoy’s HR realised they needed to upgrade or replace their existing HRM systems. “Aiming to attract, support, and engage a productive and diverse workforce, we are eager to revamp our HRMS. After a period of market investigation, COL has the optimal HRM solution to address our specific needs,” said Ms. Almond Wong, Group Chief Human Officer of Convoy.

Replace Manual HR Administrative Processes with Accuracy, Stability, and Efficiency through Automation

“COL’s flagship HRMS, HR Pro, standardises and automates HR processes, facilitating the application of best practices by our diverse workforce and departments. In carrying out a range of transactions via computers that used to be managed on paper forms, such as leave applications and payslips, the web-based Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal promises quality accurate payroll, claim, and leave services that significantly enable us to achieve a paperless working environment with less clerical effort,” said Almond.

HR Services Take a Back Seat to Employee’s Engagement and Satisfaction

One of Convoy’s key HR goals is to create a happy, flexible, and open working environment for employees. COL’s ESS platform enables employees to interact with HR data directly in order to inquire, review, and act upon transactions in the workplace, enabling more effective communications across the organisation and enhancing the quality of the review process due to a high level of transparency. “ESS involves more employee participation so that HR can have more time to concentrate on strategic initiatives. We appreciate the way the e-Leave function supports mobile devices, and we anticipate COL will develop additional mobile modules, improving on convenience and collaboration,” added Almond.

System Integration and Seamless Data Migration to Ensure Full Compatibility

HR Pro adopts a highly interoperable system design guaranteeing that Convoy’s internal built-it system integrates with HR Pro. During migration of the huge amount of HR data, data integrity was stringently preserved and compliance was achieved by using mandatory procedures. “COL’s consultants collaborated closely with our project team throughout the system integration process to ensure our existing system was compatible with the new system interface and the hardware performance can be strictly monitored” said Almond.

Professional Consultation with Responsive Technical Support

“The performance of COL’s consultation team is professional and proactive. The COL team has been communicating with us to learn more about our needs, which demonstrates a great degree of resilience that facilitates system implementation. I am impressed with the COL team who are capable and helpful in launching a satisfactory HRM solution for us which has improved user experience. On the other hand, we also send our comments and experiences to COL for them to be further improved. I truly believe this is a win-win engagement. I will share this successful experience with business acquaintances who are also in need of a systemised, automated, scalable, and centralised HRMS," Almond assured us.