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AmorePacific Hong Kong Co Limited is committed to staff engagement. To enhance staff relationships, traditional email and voice communication between dispersed workforce across multiple locations is insufficient to cope with business expansion. Targeted to run a green office, various eco measures were in place everywhere and the obsolete paper-based internal processes entailed a change to electronic
• Upgraded broadband connection in head office to 200Mbps • Employed FibreCloud to establish a cloud-based intranet for all staff use
FibreCloud Brings New Pathway to Enhance Communication and Collaboration in AmorePacific

Cloud computing is a key IT enabler for businesses and it forms a new business model to drive innovation. For dynamic businesses such as cosmetic and skincare retailers, moving to the cloud is not an option but a necessity; it enables maximum communication and collaboration between multi-site work groups which delivers a competitive advantage for business success.

AmorePacific, Korea’s No. 1 beauty corporation with famous brands of Laneige, Sulwhasoo and AMOREPACIFIC, is at the forefront of innovation and opts for cloud technology. WTT delivers on the promise of cloud and introduced a real cloud service, FibreCloud, which successfully resulted in an efficient and effective collaboration experience to over 400 colleagues in AmorePacific Hong Kong Co Limited (AmorePacific HK). Andy Foo, IT Manager of AmorePacific HK, tells us about their cloud journey and how FibreCloud makes their operation more agile and colleagues more connected.

How did Amorepacific HK utilise ICT in daily business operation?

Andy: With a strong emphasis on network infrastructure, we worked closely with WTT and underwent a major upgrade on broadband network in office and frontline environment. Currently, our head office has a 200Mbps ultra-high speed broadband connection to cater for multiple device usage. The increased bandwidth makes connection faster and the network more reliable, so that colleagues can operate fully at all times in office and beyond.

Riding on WTT’s reliable and robust fibre network backbone, we made a shift to the cloud. Instead of having on-premise servers to support various business applications, we employed FibreCloud and launched a cloud-based intranet for all staff use. Not only is company information made more transparent to colleagues via intranet, colleagues can also share information and collaborate on projects through increased communication.

When considering moving to the cloud, why did you select WTT service?

Andy: WTT was our first choice because of its solid experience in ICT infrastructure, good reputation in the industry as well as a wide range of bespoke and cost-effective ICT solutions.

FibreCloud is highly scalable accompanied by strong local support and that is a true advantage over competitors. Their 24x7 technical support service and professional personnel offer practical advice and assistance to make our cloud journey safe and smooth.

How did FibreCloud benefit AmorePacific HK?

Andy: With FibreCloud, our intranet is now successfully in use which gives all colleagues direct, fast and secure access to a wider range of shared tools all year round, including e-forms, staff directory, company resources library etc. In particular, frontline colleagues and colleagues on the move can now collaborate anywhere, anytime and on any device, without loads of back-and-forth email messages and phone calls, which proved to boost internal communication and staff productivity.

FibreCloud also aligned with the environmental policy of AmorePacific HK. The intranet running on FibreCloud facilitated office automation, turned the paper-based processes into electronic workflows, and contributed to a paperless office. At retail level, frontline colleagues can now readily access the most up-to-date staff directory, operation manuals and product materials online, so that printing of such documents become unnecessary. What’s more, all resources on the intranet are centrally managed which helps lower carbon emission.

Given that FibreCloud can easily scale up and down whenever and wherever needed, AmorePacific HK has all the virtual resources and storage it needs, even at peak times with high traffic volume.

With FibreCloud well in place, are there any new developments in progress?

Andy: FibreCloud enables us to execute new ways of doing business efficiently. For example, we are ready to introduce a service desk system for retail outlets to submit online requests to corresponding service providers for repair and visual display works in order to streamline retail operation without hassle and delay. On top of this, we are also in progress to put up some self-learning videos and tools for colleagues to better deal with customers and challenging situations. These videos will make training anytime, anywhere a reality and let colleagues study at their most convenient time, venue and pace.

What do you think of WTT as an ICT partner?

Andy: WTT delivered a successful and smooth deployment of FibreCloud from beginning to end in as short as 2 weeks. FibreCloud helped us reap the full benefits of cloud and their professional team fully addressed our needs and supported us all the way to optimise cloud resource utilisation.

All in all, FibreCloud is more cost-effective, flexible and faster to deploy that well serve the ever-rising IT demand. For any businesses looking to innovate and thrive in the cloud era, I will certainly give my vote to FibreCloud as our successful experience speaks for itself.