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In light of the rapid organisational development of Sea Horse (HK) Limited, communication and data sharing between Hong Kong, China and Macau offices become increasingly important and the former server and FTP portal pose challenges to foster closer, more effective and secure communication among dispersed offices
FibreCloud services enhance cross-regional communication which significantly improves organisational efficiency on a regional scale
FibreCloud Spearheads Communications to Forge Stronger Ties across the Region

Strong cross-regional communication is invaluable for multinational enterprises and they are eagerly looking for a way to connect every part of their global businesses effectively and efficiently. Sea Horse (HK) Limited (Sea Horse), a producer, wholesaler and retailer of mattresses, pillows, bedding and furniture with worldwide operation, believes in the power of technology and has taken an important step to leverage cloud technology to strengthen communication among global counterparts and unlock infinite business potential.

Enable Business through Cloud Computing

In this digital era, Sea Horse recognised the profound impact of cloud computing and acted quickly to move to the cloud. ‘Given the rapid organisational development, we saw an ever-growing need to transfer and share data across the offices in Hong Kong, China and Macau. Since adding a physical server was costly and far less flexible, turning to cloud computing is a better option. WTT’s FibreCloud services (FibreCloud) can address our needs on centralising our business critical data securely and keep us connected with all our global counterparts and customers at all times,’ said Debby Cheung, Advertising and Production Manager of Sea Horse (HK) Limited.

'High-speed and reliable data transmission is business-critical to us. FibreCloud, powered by WTT’s robust fibre network, delivers better service, technology, quality and business value than all the others. Its core infrastructure is housed at a dedicated, ISO certificated data centre proven to be technically-sound, well-managed and highly secure with multi-dimensional security measures and seamless layer 2 and 3 end-to-end cloud connectivity solutions. This truly gives us the edge we need to grow along with the business,’ said Debby.

Embrace Cloud to Deliver Greater Business Value

Enterprises can even make use of the cloud to drive business growth and gain competitive advantage. Having FibreCloud well in place, Sea Horse experiences a much more effective communication and stronger bonding among offices in Hong Kong, China and Macau, and enjoys the benefits of web hosting on the cloud. ‘FibreCloud is fast, reliable, secure, scalable and highly available. Given its infinite scalability and ultra-fast connection, our regional colleagues can now access, share and store photos, sales data and marketing collaterals on the cloud in a pinch. This successfully streamlines workflow, saves loads of time and increases productivity. Compared to traditional approaches such as FTP, FibreCloud minimises the chances of data loss and service downtime, and we can now speed up our business process and enable faster service delivery. What’s more, WTT’s professional team makes cloud deployment seamless as well as smooth and the whole process takes only 1 week,’ added Debby.

Sea Horse is totally satisfied with FibreCloud as it gives complete control and flexibility in managing the cloud resources in a cost-effective way. Thanks to WTT’s strong 24x7 local technical support service, Sea Horse is blessed with a guaranteed service level and peace of mind. ‘Whenever we encounter technical issues, WTT’s professional personnel analyse and resolve the issues promptly and attentively. On the whole, WTT has taken very good care of our business and we will definitely recommend FibreCloud to our business partners,’ concluded Debby.