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A healthcare magazine《中藥醫緣》has been published in Hong Kong since 2009 aiming to raise public awareness of Chinese medicines. It was found that mass media advertising was not effective enough to reach target audience and establish a firm foothold in the market
Facebook marketing via WeB TOUCH service platform helps grow a substantial fans base and turn online traffic into real-life business opportunities
WeB TOUCH Expands Magazine Readership through Viral Marketing

Social media changes the landscape of marketing and it is of paramount importance for enterprises to maintain an active and engaging presence on social networks. Established in 2009, HK Chinese Medicine Healthcare Association Limited (HKCM) runs a leading healthcare magazine《中藥醫緣》in Hong Kong specialising in Chinese medicines. With a monthly readership of around 15,000, its strong and creative editorial team works relentlessly to convey useful health information to the public. In order to raise public awareness, HKCM initially placed advertisements in local newspapers to reach new audience. ‘However, the result was considered unsatisfactory because mass media advertising was unable to connect with our target segment whilst incurring high costs,’ said Man Kwong, owner and publisher of HKCM, as well as the founder of Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine.

Social Media Marketing Enhances Customer Interaction and Yields Positive Results

Faced with these challenges, Man opted for social media and believed the increased popularity of Facebook would draw a broader range of target customers. ‘A reliable and professional eMarketing service provider is needed and WTT eBusiness Limited (WeB) springs to our mind in view of their strong industry know-how and expertise.’

'WeB’s professional team fully understands our business needs and always comes up with the most suitable solutions. Not only do they devise a wide variety of interesting and informative messages to go viral on social network, they also make use of various tools to encourage online interaction between fans and us,’ said Man. As an entrusted partner, WeB devotes concerted effort and meticulously manages Facebook page of HKCM for brand building and customer acquisition.

Create Synergy through Integrated Online and Offline Marketing Activities

'WeB-TOUCH (TOUCH), is an integrated platform enabling WeB service users to create interactive marketing campaigns via multi-channels. It comes with a user-friendly portal that allows users to launch Facebook campaigns and wall posts strategically. Through Facebook account management service, it significantly speeds up the number of fans which paves the way for future viral marketing campaigns. Our first “Mix & Match” Facebook campaign caught lots of attention from Facebook users and successfully attracted a large group of fans including the youth. Now, we have over 7,600 fans following our Facebook page,’ continued Man.

TOUCH helps HKCM engage Facebook fans and reach out to more customers via other channels simultaneously, such as complementary eDM promotion and event marketing projects on a single platform, which effectively converts online traffic into real business opportunities. By combining online and offline marketing activities, TOUCH brings greater synergy and a new online-to-offline (O2O) user experience like never before. ‘I see the fruitful results TOUCH brought to our business such as increased sales and customer reach. With social media continuing to flourish, an experienced and professional Facebook management service provider, like WeB, is indispensable to keep us in pace with the ever-evolving digital era,’ concluded Man.