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With thousands of remote colleagues and hundreds of dispersed site offices in Hong Kong, information exchange and business collaboration within Jones Lang LaSalle becomes a problem and poses challenges in service delivery, resulting in longer processing time and inefficiency
FibreCloud to power up Jones Lang LaSalle’s new document management system, enabling ‘anytime, anywhere’ access for all staff in Hong Kong
FibreCloud Bridges Communication Gaps and Enhances Workforce Efficiency at Jones Lang LaSalle

Cloud makes communication and collaboration more accessible, affordable, and scalable with virtually unlimited capacity and ubiquitous access. For enterprises with highly mobile workforces and multiple offices, the rise of cloud enables mobile productivity and changes the nature of work for the better in many ways providing great opportunities for business development.

Jones Lang LaSalle is a professional services and investment management firm offering specialized real estate services to customers along with a property management service. It recognized the business advantages of cloud computing and adopted WTT’s FibreCloud services (FibreCloud) progressively moving to the cloud. Keith Wong, Head of IT, Greater China of Jones Lang LaSalle, herein talks about how they made a start to transforming their business on the cloud journey.

What do you think of cloud computing?

Keith: Cloud is the new norm in this technology-driven era. Concerning its enormous potential and increasing adoption, we make use of FibreCloud to introduce a brand new document management system. Targeted for internal use by more than 2,000 staff in Hong Kong, FibreCloud possesses high capacity and offers infinite flexibility for scaling up in times of heavy computing load whenever business grows and workforce increases.

What is more, cloud is an ideal cost-effective solution turning CAPEX to OPEX. From an investment angle, FibreCloud adopts the pay-as-you-go pricing model, allowing us to fully utilize cloud resources whereas on-premise servers are far too rigid in view of our dynamic demand.

Of all cloud providers in the market, why did Jones Lang LaSalle select WTT?

Keith: WTT is an ICT service partner we can trust. Having worked with WTT on voice and dedicated internet access projects for years, we have developed a good relationship ever since. Given WTT’s professionalism and outstanding ICT performance, coupled with its robust network and cloud capability, we have full confidence in adopting FibreCloud to enhance operational efficiency. Furthermore, WTT’s strong local support is another unbeatable highlight. Unlike international cloud providers, this allows us to reach for troubleshooting and technical advice easily, without geographical, time, or language barriers.

How did FibreCloud benefit the business of Jones Lang LaSalle?

Keith: Jones Lang LaSalle has a highly-mobile dispersed workforce in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories. With growing business mobility, FibreCloud not only enables remote colleagues to collaborate, connect, and perform varying business tasks anytime and anywhere, but also responds faster than ever.

Thanks to FibreCloud, a cloud-based document management system was successfully built which significantly shortens processing time and saves paper consumption while enhancing accuracy and productivity. Especially for our colleagues in the offices which are spread over 400 managed buildings in Hong Kong, this system facilitates their day-to-day communication with one another instead of relying on faxes and back-and-forth phone calls.

Under this cloud-based document management system, finance functions such as accounts payable and accounts receivable as well as some HR functions are now centralized on one platform. An example of an improvement is that the processing time for accounts payable and accounts receivable has now been shortened from 2 weeks to 3 days, turning the previous paperwork system into a paperless operation. What else? With thousands of security officers and hundreds of offices scattered in different locations, FibreCloud effectively centralizes the management and tracking of officers’ daily working hours, location, and wage information. This not only significantly enhances supervision and streamlines frontline operation, it also facilities workflow automation which is critical to operational efficiency in this technology era.

Are you satisfied with WTT services?

Keith: WTT services have been stable and reliable without any major interruptions so far. Even when there is a technical issue, their professional team acts responsively and solves the case immediately.

Apart from service delivery, WTT’s professional team was also very enthusiastic in supporting us throughout our feasibility study of desktop-as-a-service.

Will you post a recommendation and share your ICT experience with business partners?

Keith: WTT delivers well on its promises and is a good partner to work with. Their services are good and we are more than satisfied. Through meeting with property developers and building owners, we had talks with them about the ICT capability of WTT and some of them were truly impressed.