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Case Studies
Dah Sing Bank
Dah Sing Bank (Dah Sing) has to process piles of financial documents daily while its multiple locations and services double the management complexity. The non-standard form and non-routine workflow lengthen the processing time of data capture with risks of data leakage during document delivery
COL’s end-to-end enterprise capturing solution was deployed featuring document scanning, auto-classification, queue management, data capturing, and integration with Dah Sing’s bank systems
COL’s End-to-End Document Management Solution Enriches Dah Sing Bank
Digitised Document Imaging Streamlines Paper-Intensive Workflow in Banks

There’s a humour in the Digital Era – paper in banks should probably be used to print currency, not keeping records. To streamline daily paper-intensive processes such as credit card applications, customer information maintenance, remittances, etc., the remedy lies in a sophisticated enterprise capturing and imaging solution.

With over 60 years of history and about 50 branches in Hong Kong, Dah Sing is the major banking subsidiary of Dah Sing Banking Group, providing professional services in retail banking, commercial banking and private banking. Dah Sing endeavours to bring in leading digital and mobile services for securities, loans, credit cards and deposits, and to be innovative in serving the needs of customers by keeping up with trends in the digital world.

“In face of challenges driven by heavy paper work in banks such as complicated data capture, input and retrieval, risks of data leakage as well as document storage, we would like to renovate the document management mechanism,” said Edmund Poon, Chief Operating Officer of Dah Sing. “COL was initially engaged to deliver a Human Resources Management solution and we are pleased with their service, responsiveness and professionalism. COL is a very reliable solution provider so that we can entrust them with the enterprise capturing and imaging project without hesitation.”

Boost Efficiency on Managing Information from Paper and Electronic Sources

With connections to many backend systems at different platforms, the solution enables real-time access to client documentation when operating many branch locations and departments. “The solution standardises and consolidates forms and processing so that we can run all tasks and interconnect with other applications at a central point, reducing processing time between branch locations and operations centre,” said Edmund.

Complete Automation of Information Flow with Compliance Adherence

The image capture solution is integrated with the in-house systems to automatically trigger the workflows for internal processing, while the paperless delivery enforces focused standardised control and risk management. The turnaround of the document flow has been shortened with role-based routing and structured workflow capabilities. “The system impresses us with the sophisticated field logic check and validation, bringing the data into financial and legal compliance. All in all, COL’s solution streamlines daily operations and enables us to stay focused on core businesses,” continued Edmund.

Customer-focused and Proactive IT Support Achieves Business Agility

“COL’s consultants are professional and proactive in proposing the perfect-fit imaging solution to improve our multiplex document management mechanism as one of the leading banks in Hong Kong. I can actually see a parallel between COL and Dah Sing’s aspirations in terms of accurate analysis, professional practice, deep market insights, as well as attentive services,” Edmund added.