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Information is the key element for the tourism industry. Frontline staff needs real-time travel information from the centralised server in head office. Scaling up the bandwidth tops the priority list of growing businesses to cope with increased demand for data transfer
WTT suggests the optimal bandwidth solution addressing the specific needs of the tourism industry:
• Upgrade to 200M “+EN” Fibre-to-the-Desk (FTTD) high-speed business broadband in head office
• IP VPN upgrade to 100M in head office, 10M in large branches and 4M in small branches
ICT Facilitates Sunflower Travel’s Business Growth in this Information Age
FTTD Ultra-high Speed Broadband and IP VPN Scale Up as Needed

Ever wondered how much data has been processed in travel agencies before you land at your dream destination? From accessing the extensive, constantly-changing information on holiday packages, prices and availability, to making instantaneous payments and real-time documentation of reservations, travel agencies require a stable, reliable and secure network to run such busy and information-driven operations. Committed to providing customers with a smooth and sound travel experience, Sunflower Travel Service Limited (Sunflower Travel) has paid a great deal of attention to an outstanding communications mechanism.

Established in 1974, Sunflower Travel is one of Hong Kong’s leading travel agencies offering across-the-board travel services to fulfil travellers’ dreams of exploring the world. Its corporate website was launched in 1998 and has experienced a significant growth in visitors.

With an extensive portfolio of serving many popular travel agencies in town, WTT has long been Sunflower Travel’s ICT partner providing communications solutions and facilitating seamless interconnectivity between Sunflower Travel’s head office and its various branches in different districts of Hong Kong. The good rapport was initally developed as Sunflower Travel found WTT’s network infrastructure appealing. “We chose WTT as it provides a stable network at a competitive rate. More importantly, WTT develops and owns the network with the advantage of providing direct and instant network support services whenever required,” said Mr. Lawrence Leung, Manager, Information System Department of Sunflower Travel.

Ultra-fast Business Broadband Facilitates Effective Communications

Network efficiency and stability are definitely critical assets giving travel agencies a competitive advantage. “WTT’s ultra-fast business broadband keeps our corporate website up and running smoothly at all times coping with a significant increase of visitors during peak hours. Internal and external communications through emails with airlines, cruise lines and overseas suppliers are also very smooth and efficient. Network performance is especially great with the installation of 200M high-speed business broadband. Hassle-free IT maintenance and upgrade are also very convenient for us, so we can focus more on our core business,” said Lawrence.

Scalable and Secure IP VPN Improves Business Agility

Currently with 9 branches in Hong Kong, it is time for Sunflower Travel to review its IP VPN deployment strategy. “We are eager to improve the internal flow of information so that different branches can be updated with the latest flight itineraries and hotel room booking status by easy access to centralised resources in head office. So we asked WTT’s ICT consultants to review our current network performance and usage,” Lawrence explained, “WTT’s sales team is professional and proactive in proposing different IP VPN bandwidths for our different offices. After a thorough evaluation, 100M IP VPN for head office, 10M for large branches and 4M for small branches were suggested. Thanks to WTT’s sales team for recommending to us a flexible and cost-effective bandwidth solution that perfectly addresses our specific needs."

Responsive Technical Support Facilitates Smooth Migration

Sunflower Travel underwent hassle-free office relocation when the implementation of business broadband, IP VPN, and IDAP services had to be ready the very next day. “With professional technical support and strong domain know-how, WTT’s technicians ensure smooth migration in just one night,” continued Lawrence, “I am very impressed by the quick and prompt response whenever we need technical support. Not only does the WTT team fulfil its service performance pledge but even exceeds our expectation in the response time to our technical support request.”

WTT has been serving many reputable travel agencies in town for years, and fully understands that the rapid ICT advancement has had a revolutionary impact on the highly information-intensive tourism industry. WTT will spare no effort in continuing to provide the tourism industry with comprehensive and sector-specific ICT solutions, which not only helps enhance their operational efficiency but also enables their businesses. “Our current ICT setup provides us with the impetus to advocate the online booking system. With the right ICT solutions in place, we can optimise our suite of services to further expand our customer base. And if I am asked for a reference about a professional and good ICT service provider, I will not hesitate to give WTT the thumbs up,” said Lawrence.