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Mercado Solutions Associates Limited
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Mercado is required to process reams of online and voice data for research and analysis purposes. A reliable network is pivotal to acquire online information while sophisticated voice solutions are entailed to monitor survey conversations
• 100M high-speed business broadband was implemented to achieve great network performance • Business voice solutions were deployed for handling calls from different telephone stations with recording and overriding applications
ICT Facilitates Mercado’s Operations in Providing Quality Market Research Services
High-speed Broadband and Sophisticated Voice Solutions Boost Efficiency and Productivity

Quantifying the effects of marketing decisions is one of the imperative missions of a market research company, which requires dynamic ICT solutions for intensive information and data mining.

Established in 2002, Mercado Solutions Associates Limited (Mercado) was originated from an internal marketing consultant armed under the renowned Jebsen Group, whose services cover Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. By applying state-of-the-art techniques and research methodologies, Mercado offers end-to-end qualitative and quantitative research services and serves a host of blue-chip companies and local Government departments.

"We seek a reliable phone system and network to deliver a full range of market research services. For over 10 years we have been relying on WTT’s ICT solutions, which from time to time have been carefully accessed with flexible scaling plans responding to our ever-changing business environment, so that we can run such information-driven operations without a hitch,” said Mr. Tommy Leung, Executive Director of Mercado.

Reliable and Customised Phone System Improves Voice Interactions Management

"Not only do WTT’s business voice solutions help set up dedicated phone numbers for individuals and senior staff, they also enable multiple telephone stations to be directly controlled by the main unit carrying out the recording and overriding functions during a phone interview. We can then explore instant reactions of interviewees and make proper evaluations and supervisions,” said Tommy.

High-speed Fibre Business Broadband Ensures Smooth Web Browsing Experience

Mercado has also entrusted its network operations to WTT. "We very much count on an uninterrupted and high-performance network for daily correspondence with clients, as well as conducting customer research by integrated studies. With the implementation of WTT’s 100M high-speed fibre business broadband, a smooth and hassle-free web browsing experience has been guaranteed," added Tommy.

Customer-focused and Proactive ICT Support Achieves Business Agility

"WTT’s consultants are professional and proactive in proposing the perfect-fit ICT solutions to improve our multiplex communication mechanism as a market research company. And during our office relocation from Wanchai to Lai Chi Kok, we got responsive technical support to ensure a smooth migration. I can actually see a parallel between Mercado and WTT’s aspirations in terms of accurate analysis, professional practice, deep market insights as well as attentive services,” said Tommy.