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Sending eDM to tens of thousands of customers every week is time-consuming. It poses a challenge to monitor eDM responses and connect with potential customers
Adopting WeB TOUCH platform for sending eDMs in segments has resulted in lower bounce rate and higher conversion
Harness the Power of Email Marketing on WeB TOUCH Service

Established in 1982, Professional Accounting & Taxation Limited (PATL) provides a full suite of accounting services to a wide spectrum of customers across different industries, such as engineering, medical services, trading, retail and finance throughout Greater China. In order to maintain good relationships with customers, there is an enormous need to reach out to them regularly with the latest services, news and regulations.

Manage Email Marketing with Ease

With a huge customer base, PATL relied largely on eDM to communicate and connect with the target audience for maximum engagement. Every week, tens of thousands of eDMs were dispatched and managing the email list and keeping track of customer responses proved to be a time-consuming and tedious task for the administrator. What’s more, it was difficult to manually measure the open rate, click rate and the corresponding conversion rate.

Faced with the challenges, PATL decided to change the old paradigm and adopted WeB TOUCH service to send mass eDM with just a few clicks.

With WeB TOUCH service in place, email marketing is no longer intricate and the whole process became effective. “The platform is very user-friendly, it makes everything easier and saves us lots of time. Now, it takes only 10 minutes from preparation to dispatch of an eDM to tens of thousands of customers, so our staff can spend more time on business development and improve productivity,” said Miss Zue Lo, Managing Director of PATL.

Enhance Customer Engagement with Lower Bounce Rate

WeB TOUCH service has a bounce management mechanism that estimates the risk of bounce-back and prevents spamming from email servers during mass delivery. In particular, WeB actively manages the IP addresses for sending eDMs and allows users to pre-schedule eDM sending to selected groups at specified time range to ensure high deliverability and low bounce rate.

More than that, WeB TOUCH service enables PATL to generate concise, accurate and comprehensive report illustrating rating demographics, open rate, click rate and bounce rate of each eDM for future planning. “The reports are handy. We now have a much better understanding of what happens to our eDMs and how we can better engage our customers all the way,” said Miss Lo.

Strengthen Cooperation in Cross-media Marketing

Miss Lo was highly satisfied with WeB’s service. “We see the benefits of WeB TOUCH service and have renewed the service plan to incorporate Facebook marketing to promote our services and expand our brand reach. As digital marketing gets more and more popular, we will keep an eye on the market development and continue to work with WeB for stronger cooperation.”