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Existing PABX system and IT networking infrastructure could not support effective voice communication between 2 offices after office expansion
• Replace PABX system with cloud-based unified communications services - Cloud Voice • Revamp network infrastructure by building structural cabling, Wi-Fi and territory-wide network to enhance communication in multiple locations
Improved Business Communication and Collaboration through Cloud Voice

In the era of globalisation, international trade and a highly mobile and trans-national workforce redefine the way business operates and communicates. Esquel, one of the world’s leading producers of premium cotton shirts, runs a global business and makes use of unified communication solutions to maximise operational efficiency and improve collaboration across departments and with external partners.

Mr. Andrew Ling, Group Director, Information Technology of Esquel, revealed how an advanced unified communication infrastructure helps enable Esquel’s business.

Q. What challenges did Esquel face in the past?

Andrew: We have offices, production facilities and retail shops worldwide and we rely heavily on the close and frequent communications between internal and external parties. Previously, we had built our own PABX system with IDAP lines connection which consumed significant IT resources for system management and hardware maintenance.

Not only were IT resources under strain, we found that this PABX system was obsolete and incapable of supporting the voice communication between the two offices in Wanchai and Shau Kei Wan after office expansion. Therefore, we looked for an advanced and reliable IP telephony and communication infrastructure that can support effective communication amongst colleagues and business partners in the digital age.

Q. How did WTT help to solve the problems?

Andrew: WTT provided a feature-rich unified communication solution and guaranteed a seamless migration in a cost-effective way by replacing the outdated PABX system.

In addition to this, WTT helped develop an in-building structural cabling with a Wi-Fi and territory-wide network that linked up our two offices to facilitate communication and collaboration. Upon completion, colleagues are now easily connected by simply dialing a single extension number, whenever they wish and wherever they are.

Q. How do you rate WTT's service?

Andrew: We are very impressed with WTT’s service and their unified communication service perfectly met our objectives.

We witnessed that cloud technology, mobility, voice and video are all key drivers of business collaboration and WTT’s Cloud Voice service incorporates all these elements in one, facilitating seamless communication as well as bringing individuals and workgroups in separate areas together.

More importantly, WTT was capable of matching our aggressive migration schedule to implement the service and build the network infrastructure successfully in just 3 months.

Q. What advantages did WTT's service bring to Esquel?

Andrew: At the corporate level, Cloud Voice service embracing fixed-mobile convergence technology helped strengthen our internal and external communication. Regardless of location and time, our staff can now connect and communicate with colleagues and business partners in every part of the world through a single phone number. This increased level of accessibility and responsiveness has greatly improved our customer satisfaction and reinforced customer relationships.

As an off-the-shelf cloud-based and scalable solution, Cloud Voice service is easy to implement which greatly reduces our manpower and time in setup and upgrade. Its user-friendly portal allows our administrator to manage and maintain the service with ease. With WTT’s 24x7 end-to-end technical support, our IT resources can also be better utilized to focus more on core business tasks.

What’s more? Cloud Voice service offers great flexibility for individual colleagues to customise on-demand IP communication features according to job nature. For example, managers can use video call feature for face-to-face communication between dispersed teams. Frequent travellers can enjoy call roaming by activating the Sim-Ring function or Mobility Apps when they are on the road as if they are working in the office.

Q. Does Esquel have an ICT development plan for the future?

Andrew: Yes, we do! To keep us at the forefront of the market, Esquel will leverage on the future cloud applications in order to realise an agile collaboration with internal colleagues, global partners and customers anywhere, anytime. Thanks to WTT, our office is now equipped with comprehensive IP network infrastructure and we are more than ready to integrate new technologies to grow our business further.