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Case Studies
Bridal Tea House Hotel
Broadband, Voice
Existing PABX phone system, insufficient bandwidth broadband and obsolete Wi-Fi network failed to accommodate customer needs which affected customer satisfaction and company growth
• Set up 100Mbps fibre broadband in every room and a ubiquitous Wi-Fi network across all hotel premises covering guest rooms, lobby and restaurants etc.
• Implemented cloud-based unified communication service, Cloud Voice, in all hotels to replace the obsolete PABX system
Adopting ICT Upgrade to Enrich Guest Experience

The tremendous growth of ICT development and the increased level of ICT adoption in business operation have affected service delivery in this increasingly mobile era. Despite the dynamic nature of hotel industry, ICT holds a pivotal position and becomes a strategic asset in operational excellence and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Michael Yeung, Operations Director of Bridal Tea House Hotel Limited, revealed how the ICT upgrade by WTT in all Bridal Tea House Hotels fully satisfies the needs of discerning hotel guests and propels the hotel expansion plan in Hong Kong.

Q: Why was the previous ICT infrastructure at Bridal Tea House Hotels insufficient to cope with hotel development?

Michael: We had the PABX phone system in place and we installed broadband service in all the premises at a speed of 8Mbps for shared use.

For a hotel with hundreds of guests, 8Mbps broadband service was never enough and guests always faced difficulties in web browsing and video streaming because of low speed, insufficient bandwidth and instability. Apart from that, the previous Internet connection also put a strain on business operations. Although we provided free Wi-Fi to guests in the lobby and restaurants, the signal was weak and intermittent where guests often found problems with poor signal or even no signal to log on to the Internet.

Q: What did WTT do to improve the ICT infrastructure at Bridal Tea House Hotels?

Michael: Redevelopment and expansion were underway across Bridal Tea House Hotels. As part of it, we used technology to our advantage and teamed up with WTT to raise the customer service level.

Nowadays, high-speed and in-room Internet access is the norm. WTT’s Fibre Business Broadband offered 100Mbps Internet connection in every room. Besides the wired broadband, WTT set up a Wi-Fi network with increased bandwidth, making the coverage seamless throughout the hotel covering guest rooms, lifts, lobby and restaurants etc.

Backed by WTT’s high-speed secure and reliable Internet connection, WTT implemented Cloud Voice, a reliable and feature-rich unified communication service connecting the hotel chains and head office.

Q: How did WTT’s services enhance guests’ experience?

Michael: With WTT’s 100Mbps Fibre Business Broadband and comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage, guests can now enjoy fast and secure Internet connection at their fingertips. The free, ubiquitous Wi-Fi also provided greater flexibility and convenience for guests. Now, guests may enjoy high-speed Internet access by connecting to the Wi-Fi network once during their entire stay.

Apart from that, WTT tailor-made an IDD portal in which guests can now make international calls directly from the phone in the room instead of using prepaid calling cards as in the past.

Q: How did WTT’s services improve business operations?

Michael: WTT’s high-speed broadband network streamlined business processes and facilitated faster check-in and check-out workflow, resulting in shorter waiting time. With the broadband upgrade, there have been significantly fewer customer complaints, allowing staff to concentrate on their core duties and enhance productivity.

In addition, the implementation of WTT’s Cloud Voice service in all Bridal Tea House Hotels and head office not only enable effective communication and collaboration amongst office and frontline staff, but also guaranteed customer enquiry calls are 100% accommodated.

More importantly, dealing with one single ICT partner, WTT, took the weight off our colleagues and minimised the hassles from IT maintenance and upgrade.

Q: What do you think of WTT as the ICT partner?

Michael: WTT offers the best solutions in supporting our business strategy, WTT’s Fibre Business Broadband formed the bedrock of our ICT infrastructure which allowed us to deploy additional cloud applications on the existing setup.

As our hotels operate 24x7 and guest room occupancy varies day by day, WTT presented a very flexible installation time table without disturbing the guests’ stay or our business operation.

This was the first time we worked with WTT and we are very satisfied with their service delivery. We would definitely recommend WTT to our suppliers, business partners and customers.