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i-marker Corporation Limited (i-marker) needs a robust high-capacity communications network for their users to access multimedia information embedded in i-marker for fast and stable data transmission
WTT provides a Dedicated Internet Access service for i-marker with a capacity of up to 10Gbps, which is able to support approximately 10,000 users accessing i-marker's server simultaneously, enabling them to download and view multimedia content within seconds
WTT's Powerful Communications Network Enables i-marker to Access a Wealth of Multimedia Information at your Fingertips

Like never before the pervasive use of smartphones and wireless Internet access has enriched our lives with information. The penetration rate of mobile phones in Hong Kong reached 197.5%1 by May 2011, underlining just how indispensable cell phones are to Hong Kong people as a partner in both work and leisure.

It was not long ago that people would turn over the printed page of newspapers or magazines to catch up with the world, but nowadays they can view an amazing array of information on the web simply by using an App on a smartphone–world news, political and economic RSS, pop culture, as well as leisure and entertainment information–in the form of texts, images, videos, and animations. With data being so easily accessible, the insatiable desire of people for more information grows stronger than ever.

i-marker Corporation Limited (i-marker) has recognised the need of city dwellers and the increasing importance of multimedia communications, and therefore launched i-marker, a revolutionary information delivery model that goes beyond 2D to provide multimedia information supported by WTT's robust network infrastructure.

So what is i-marker? There is a lot more to this tiny black-and-white square than meets the eye. i-marker is a matrix barcode that can be readily decoded. It makes use of augmented reality (AR) for the calculation in real time of the position and angle of the image scanned by your smartphone camera, and then augments it with appropriate imaging technology. After installing the i-marker App on the smartphone and connecting it to a wireless network, the user will be able to access the stored multimedia information such as sounds, images, video clips, games as well as interactive surveys and other entertainment activities. To ensure the downloading experience for users accessing multimedia information embedded in i-marker is smooth and goes without a hitch, i-marker needs a robust high-capacity communications network for fast and stable data transmission.

WTT 10Gbps Dedicated Internet Access for High-speed Internet Connection

"Speed is of utmost importance to both users and retail merchants. Internet users just don't have the patience to wait minutes for pages to load," said Thomson Lee, CEO of i-marker Corporation Limited. "An efficient and user-friendly independent content management system can help merchants instantly update their i-marker content in response to market demands. Therefore, a stable, reliable and high-speed fibre-optic network is crucial to providing our users and customers with an exceptional multimedia browsing experience enabled by i-marker," added Thomson.

Based on i-marker's requirements and the estimated usage demand for i-marker, WTT provides a Dedicated Internet Access service for i-marker with a capacity of up to 10Gbps, which is able to support approximately 10,000 users accessing i-marker's server simultaneously, enabling them to download and view multimedia content within seconds. Merchants can also make use of this dedicated line to upload content to i-marker through the secure content management system.

With WTT's reliable and dedicated high-speed network connected to i-marker's server, both users and merchants enjoy an astounding multimedia information experience through i-marker.

"As i-marker continues to evolve and our customer base grows, we anticipate a boost in bandwidth capacity to address increasing demands from merchants and users," said Thomson.

In addition to high-speed fibre-optic network connectivity, network security is also of the prime importance. Based on i-marker's usage and connectivity requirements, WTT provides i-marker with a secure Firewall service. It leverages the Juniper Service Gateway to support speeds up to 30 Gbps, and 175,000 new connections per second, potential enabling more than 2 million users to access i-marker information simultaneously. The Firewall can take pre-emptive security measures to protect the network from viruses, worms, spyware, and hackers. This solution not only brings excellent scalability to i-marker, but also establishes a reliable network defence for secure mass data transmission. "Our goal is to provide customer with total peace of mind while they are using i-marker to upload important corporate information such as promotion campaigns and discount programmes, network confidentiality, security, and reliability can never be compromised," said Thomson. "WTT's total solution enables us to operate an optimal hardware and software configuration that is on a par with those deployed by mobile network operators, and the 24x7 technical support helps ensure high-quality transmission is attained at all times."

Reliable Network Support Jumpstarts i-marker

i-marker can be used to reinforce the message communicated in many kinds of media from name cards, newspapers and magazines, to huge billboards, backdrops, and TV. A pop lifestyle magazine launched in July 2011 called Tao took the lead by using i-marker to provide extended access to its printed content. When you come to a feature article with an i-marker, just capture it with your smartphone and information such as titbits of celebrity interviews, fashion videos, advertising campaign and even demonstrations of recipes will be displayed on your screen. Tao, successfully demonstrated that i-marker is capable of not only enriching the content of the magazine, but also gradually changing reading habits.

"i-marker is already taking strides into China and Singapore and we are also exploring new markets in Taiwan and other Southeast Asian countries," said Thomson. "We are confident that WTT, with its extensive network connectivity, professional sales force, and industry expertise, can provide us with a suitable and cost-effective solution as we expand across the region. I am confident that i-marker will become a powerhouse for next-generation multimedia communication as our business develops."

1 Key Telecommunications Statistics, published by OFTA