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Mia Casa Hotel
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Mia Casa, a new boutique hotel located on the west side of the Hong Kong Island, looking to stand out from the fierce competition in the hotel industry by providing exceptional accommodation experience through advanced IT and communications technology
Installation of secure, high-speed, and reliable 100M FTTD Fibre Business Broadband and wireless LAN plus Cloud Voice Service - a sophisticated unified communications system
Transforming Guest Experience through ICT@ the Mia Casa Hotel

What comes to mind when you think of a quality hotel - convenient location, comfortable environment, luxury amenities, or something else? Nowadays, one of these is indispensable to all travellers: a high speed Internet connection. With fierce competition in the hotel industry, how can a new hotel stand out from the crowd and flourish in this challenging environment?

Mia Casa, a new boutique hotel located in a tranquil residential area on the west side of the Hong Kong Island that takes only 15 minutes to reach from the buzzing Central district. With 33 well-designed and fully-furnished guest rooms near central business district (CBD), Mia Casa provides perfect accommodations for business travellers and tourists to relax and recharge after a long day’s work or sightseeing.

Mia Casa has taken the smart step of incorporating Fibre-to-the-Desk (FTTD) ultra-high speed network infrastructure and a user-friendly business voice solution system into the building construction plan, aiming to transform guest experience through advanced IT and communications technology.

“Secure, high-speed, and reliable Internet access plus a high-quality voice communication solution is important to a contemporary boutique hotel providing best-in-class service. Almost two-thirds of our guests are long-stay business travellers seeking a stylish-but-homely residence during their trip. We invited several ICT service providers to submit proposals for an ICT network and communication service as early as the building construction stage to ensure a well-developed ICT infrastructure is established to help heighten customer satisfaction and drive sales growth. We also require a user-friendly but stylish phone system that will perfectly match with our hotel interior design,“ said Ms. Cathy Law, representative of Mia Casa. “In search of an ICT service provider with the best network infrastructure and one-stop solutions to address our needs, WTT is the best choice for us.”

WTT possesses a sophisticated Fibre-to-the-Desk network that enables the delivery of high-speed and stable connectivity. Sophisticated network planning and structure cabling have been deployed at Mia Casa to ensure full network coverage for the 18-storey building. A 36-line Cloud Voice unified communications system with 100M FTTD Fibre Business Broadband directly connected to guest rooms and control offices plus 17 sets of Ruckus Wireless access points (APs) have been installed in the lobby, corridors, and public aisles to ensure seamless connectivity with wired or wireless network coverage.

In the building construction stage, negotiations and site inspections were carried out for network planning, feasibility testing, and performance audits. WTT’s network consultants worked closely with interior designers to ensure structure cabling and equipment installation naturally blended in with hotel decoration.

“We are deeply impressed with the dedication and professionalism demonstrated by WTT’s team. They are patient, responsive, and competent when addressing our concerns. We are open to try out new ideas and technology that are practical, user-friendly, affordable, but most importantly, meeting our needs. After seeing the prototype for the first time, we decided to deploy the Cloud Voice unified communications system throughout the building as we believe both hotel management and guests will benefit from its distinctive and powerful communications capabilities,” added Cathy. “We are glad to see that our guests found the network service very useful and convenient and enjoy their stay at our hotel. We are sure that the ICT solution we have implemented will enable Mia Casa to stay ahead of other boutique hotels in this highly competitive market.”